Buying cartridges online from Japan

Can someone tell me where to buy cartridges online from Japan. I like to buy some Audio Technica’s and Nagoaka’s(MP200) for my Thoren TD150. My amp is the Nait 50 and I will be using its phono input.
I also have a LP12/Aro with Prefix. My location is Malaysia. Also, I have a Garrad 401 with Morch UP4 tonearm.

Aren’t they available globally?

FWIW I buy my cartridges from the Audio Union web site but I’m not sure it has any English interface or international shipping. However, a lot of their gear is on the Japanese Amazon site which does have both English and shipping. I’d just go there and search and see if you get a hit.

I did buy a Sumiko Pearl from Amazon recently and it was shipped from Audio Union. I only did it to use up some Amazon points.

I was looking to buy a Lyra or Koetsu cartridge when I was an expat in Tokyo ~20 years ago with no results, nobody seemed to know then, and I assume it is the same today.

However, you can get reasonably good Japanese-made cartridges at Yodibashi Camera, which is located in the Akihabara section of Tokyo.

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Rakuten. A lot of choice on there too.

My wife picked me up a Shelter Harmony from Yodibashi Camera on her recent trip to Japan and it ended up being 1/3rd of the price of what it costs to buy here.


I bought an Ortofon ST-7 Step Up Transformer for my Nait 50 from the Japanese Amazon site. It couldn’t be easier, but the shipping costs can be high and be prepared for HM Customs & Excise to demand money with menaces!

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Im back to Japan early July (Yokohama), was thinking i may go for a hunt and score a nice top end Lyra, can you advice me if im wasting my time and effort where similar pricing can be had using my local dealer or even like you say the web. Obviously looking forward to the experience, I spent 2 years there when I was younger, married a Japanese lady going back to see the olds, it’s been 20 years since really looking forward to it!
Motorbikes and stereos is what I’m all about.

Well AudioUnion definitely do Lyra but by the looks of it only in their Osaka branch, not ant of their Tokyo branches. Their site has the range but all listed as “call for details”.

For choice, the big box retailers like Yodobashi and Bic Camera have a lot of high end gear but honestly you have to be your own sales rep. The staff know nothing. Audio Union has lots of branches and is the Japanese equivalent to Audio-T I suppose. It’s not the absolute most expert help but it is consistently pretty good. But each Audio Union branch tends to specialise in something be it vinyl, second hand, digital etc.

i,m in the opposite position. I’m visiting the UK for the first time in 11 years to see my mum. Looking forward to visiting a proper bespoke dealer. No one does the proper dealer relationship and dem room like the UK dealers in my experience.

Japan has huge selection at dealers but the demo facilities and relationship aren’t up to the UK level at all.

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I just tried searching AudioTechnicadotcom worldmap.
That gives me a map which gives Malaysia English as a location. For some reason it will not load on my tablet, but you may have better luck.

i can remember going into the Japanese department stores back in he early 90’s (i was 19 to 21) looking at the speakers stacked side by side. dreaming if only i had the money, let alone the space in my guest house, Akihabara the technology was mine blowing considering I was coming from New Zealand and we were at least 5 to 10 years behind Back thenl life was good had a lot of fun. i love Japan.
This time i’m a lot more coined up so i think ill be a great sales rep🤩

Thank you so much for your time and hope you have aprecious loving time with your mother.

on a side note this advert never left my mind, bic camera just so Tokyo

Bic Camera is great. I do most of my appliance shopping there. But the benefit is not expert help or advice of which there is none. You have to know everything ahead of time you need to make an informed decision. The value is being able to touch all your buying options in one visit.

I guess the Japanese customer study these things before they make themselves look stupid by asking questions and not being prepared for such an event :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Using ebay is an option, look for a Japanese seller.

CDJapan (dotcodotjp) stocks Nagaoka and AT, and is a large reliable seller.

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