Buzzing integrated amplifier

In the evening when I turn off the TV and the decoder before going to sleep I hear in the great silence a very light buzz that comes from the hi-fi. The buzz comes from Nait5si. I often do so only in total silence. Is it normal? Nait5si is always on on. I do not worry about the small consumption of electricity but if it is harmful and not good for integrated amplifier.

Not normal. It is likely picking up mains power hum. You use Devolo Ethernet over power adapters don’t you? They introduce a lot of noise on the power.

You need to get rid of them buddy…

It could also just be the normal hum from a large toroidal transformer.

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I have a Nait XS 2 that hums very quietly in the evening only! Its from the transformer I assume. I can hear it when all is quiet, the hum is not heard through the speakers nor usually in the daytime. Noisy neighborhood mains during the evening is what I chalk it up to.

My SN2 was making a very low volume buzzing through one speaker only. Was driving me nuts until I worked out it was due to the landline phone sitting on top of the hifi unit. Fixed by putting a small piece of foil under the phone

Yes, probably. In a silent room I hear a 50/100Hz hum from my Naim. Annoying is that the non-Naim PSU’s that power my NDX & Supernait pre-amp don’t hum; transformer noise denial, or what ?

Thanks for the answers. A little 'I agree even if my electrical system dates back 15 years and I consider it quite new. The noise is not as big as in the first video. Only if I lean with the ear to the amplifier I listen to it! No one makes any case during the day. Of course, in the future I would like to run a cable direct from the modem up behind the TV and HiFi corner. But then here it will take a swich at least 5-door and the problem could recur! I do not know if the buzz is the classic of Nait5si (this only Naim can say!) Nearby there is also a cordless phone from BeO. Isolate as the phone? Just an aluminum foil on the base?

As Xanthe mentions, it’s just normal noise from the transformer. Mains quality variations through the day will affect the level of ‘buzz’ you hear. Nothing to worry about.

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I don’t know how true this is but it does sound plausible to me…
On another forum an ex naim employee stated that the main reason why naim transformers are so succeptable to hum is down to the fact that naim used slim cases for their amps. This meant that the transformers had to be flatter and wider than others in order to fit and that this design makes the windings more prone to buzz.
Surely in this day and age naim could redesign the amps and engineer out the hum as i’m sure it has cost them sales.
I doubt whether i’ll move up the range because of a past experience with a hicap dr and it does seem to be a bit of a lottery which ones hum and which don’t. My SN2 is almost silent so at present thats what i’m sticking with as i like the naim sound.

Hum ‘only in the evening’ is something I’ve read here on the forum a few times over the years.

Ok. It is always a “hum” acceptable and almost does not feel … if not with the ear resting on the chassis …

Maybe I did not explain … With the music everything disappears. It’s normal to Naim. Today I went to the dealer Naim and all the equipment turned on had the same buzz (new Naim to sell …)

May I ask what kind of film you put under the phone?

Just tin foil

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