Buzzing sound when both Rossini and cds3 are connected

I just added a dCS Rossini player to my system consisting of cds3/xps/klimax LP12 /552dr/250dr.

I just found out that if I have the cds3 and Rossini plugged at the same time, there is a buzzing sound from both the inputs. Once one of them is removed, the buzzing sound on the other is gone.

The LP12 input makes no difference whatsoever.

I tired connecting a grounding cable from to the 552 to a wall socket and this made the buzzing sound on the cds3 much less but the buzzing sound on the Rossini worse.

But… the good news is I cant hear the buzzing sound at my regular listening volume at my sitting position.

BUT… now I know it is there. :unamused:

Any one knows how to resolve it?

Sounds like you have compromised the earthing of your system. You have too many, not too few.

Does the dCS Rossini have a Earth/Float switch…? If so try it.

I believe that Naim’s streamers have an Earth/Float switch - but I am sure the CD3 does not.

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No, there isnt any earth/float switch on both the Rossini and CDS3.

Ah… Right. That makes it tricky. One for the experts…

@Richard.Dane @NeilS

Do you know whether the DCS Rossini has the signal earth connected to mains earth internally? If so, you’ll need to lift it in either the Rossini or the CDS3. Naim can do this as part of a service at the factory.

Otherwise, it can sometimes be down to the interconnect. Are you using an RCA to DIN i/c on the Rossini? Have you tried an alternative to whatever you’re currently using?


I am using the din to din superlumina for the S3 and a AQ evergreen RCA to RCA for the Rossini.

I didnt actually notice the buzz until I swapped the evergreen for a DIY RCA to RCA and the buzz got much worse. Thats when i did some troubleshooting and then found out about the buzz.

I have a RCA to DIN lavender (regular DIN to DIN interconnect reterminated to RCA on the source side) interconnect lying around. I will try that but will require some shifting around.

Yes, give the RCA to DIN a try.

Its bound to be a cable, as like you i have a rossini plus a turntable and 2 tape decks plugged into my 552 and all if fine.
I would try some rca out to din for the rossini as that is what i found worked best, as i also use the balance xlr out from the rossini direct to my headphone amp

Ian and Richard’s comments suggest an earth loop, particularly with the symptoms you describe.

Out of interest is the DCS mains plug connected into the same power strip as the XPS mains plug ?

The XPS is currently plugged into 1 of the 4 wall sockets in my dedicated spur.
The dCS is plugged into a wall socket on a separate electrical circuit.

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Strongly suggest trying the Rossini in one of the dedicated spur sockets and see if that takes care of it


I did try plugging in the evergreen to a mayware RCA/DIN adaptor into one of the DIN inputs and the buzz is still there.

Tonight I will try using the rca to din lavender interconnect.

As @Maryland suggests, getting the XPS and Rossini onto the same mains circuit would be a good place to start and then go from there.


I agree - make sure everything is on the same circuit.

Problem solved! Once the powercord for the dCS and XPS went onto the same power strip, the buzzing sound is gone.

You guys are great. Thanks all.


Please remit my consulting fees ASAP.

I kid, glad it was easy and free to fix!


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