Buzzing w Super Nait 2 and Hicap

I am experiencing some buzzing with my amp and hicap. They are both only a couple of years old. I’m wondering what advice people can offer. Should I start looking at power conditioners noting I have swapped sockets and plugs which doesn’t make any difference?I have 2 sources connected. A Topping dac e30 streaming from a volumio rasperry pi and a audiophile dj mixer (mastersounds 2v rotary) connected in turn to a couple of technics 1210s which were recently serviced. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I have loved the naim electronics and would be very loathed to let go.

Start unhooking and unplugging gear until you find whats causing the Buzz.Can you remember when this started and what you might have added?

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Good call. Thanks Opus. I need to do abit of experimentation to see if I can isolate…

There’s a good chance another electronic device is responsible. Try and isolate whether it’s your fridge or a ‘wall wart’ elsewhere in the house.

Thanks Svetty, I hadn’t thought of other noisey electronics around the house also.

It might be caused by DC off-set — then a DC blocker might help. A lot is written about this here — employing the search function might provide wisdom…

Very useful threads to dig into. Thankyou.

By the way I have an Isol-8 Powerline Axis which solved DC offset in our old house. In the new house, buzz is caused by high voltage — and then the Isol-8 doesn’t help… :sleepy:

Try moving your speaker cables. Sometimes noises are produced by static electricity coming from the floor and transmitted by the speaker cables. Search “cable elevators”

I had a Audioquest CV-8 speaker cables, very sensitive to this phenomena. When changed to NAC A5 the buzz reduced to a minimum. My amp is SN3.

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Is the buzzing coming directly from the naim units or is it coming from the speakers?

Can you describe the buzzing a bit more? Is it constant or intermittent?

I have gone through 2 buzz issues recently.

Ground buzz coming from speakers - since I did not have a Naim source, my Chord Qutest was cause an earthing issue. Solved by watching the Qutest.

DC noise, causing transformer buzz, solved with a DC filter.

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