Cable choice for Chord Hugo TT2 -> Naim Nac 202

Dear All,
I am new owner of a Chord Hugo TT2 to match with a Naim Nac 202.
At the moment I use a RCA-RCA nordost redawn interconnect that my dealer lent me, waiting to find the most suitable rca->din one.
In this regard I ask to Hugo TT2 + Nac/Nait/Supernait users their experiences and their choices…
Thank you!

PS: does anybody change the removable thin cable of the power supply of Hugo TT2 with a better one and feel an improvement?

I always replace the mains leads. It doesn’t have to be silly expensive, but a sub £100 from MCRU with shielded cable keeps the rfi at bay and for me, it keeps the background silent. If you can work a screwdriver, their kit leads are very good value.

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Thank you @billywindsock!

Anybody else?

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