Cable din to rca

I have a naim 202 preamplifier.
I want to take out a signal to a headphone amplifier, which is made of a different brand than naim.
Then it will be a Din 5 to RCA 2 cable I will use?
I see that Chord have some cables.

You’ll need a special cable here - a regular DIN5-RCA Phono interconnect won’t work, this is because the DIN will need to have the REC OUT pins connected instead of the usual PLAY pins. Otherwise, a tape DIN-4 x RCA Phono interconnect can be used - you just use the REC RCAs and leave the play ones.

I have a Chord shawline 2 rca to 5 pin din that I use from phono preamp to naim preamp and I then thought that their corresponding cable 5 pin din to 2 rca so would have these connected to REC OUT as that cable is marked in that direction .

It’s not a directional thing, it’s to do with the correct pins being connected.

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Ok thanks for the answer, have sent a request about this on the cable manufacturer’s website, to “cable doctor” based on the answer I receive, I can put it in this thread if it clarifies this.

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