Cable dressing advice

Just buy one more Standard level. On the left have the two intermediate levels, and on the right the three standard levels (two intermediates = three standard). This will allow you two benefits - raise the 500PS up a level on the right, and also on the left you can get a bit more vertical space between the ND555 and the NAC552 (a good thing in my experience).

Ah, that takes me back. What a party that was….


If everything else fails you could try this. I cannot hear any deleterious effect from it in my system :+1:t3: ATB Peter


Works wonders bit of string or to hide said modification black cotton

I could dye it a cherry/oak colour :crazy_face::rofl: ATB Peter

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Always - but I don’t say a lot these days.

With Burndies - you need them off-floor and not touching each-other to optimise performance I found.
Everyone is different in how far they are willing to go to extract all that is innate in their HiFi - part of the hobby aspect for me is to do this - and the joy of the end-result the payment.

This is the path to explore IMO. I also found Medium levels sound excellent and give less-expensive ‘space’ between key boxes. A mix of Medium levels to provide the space and then some empty Standard levels will solve the issue - but the Fraim stack will get higher - just see it as better once you hear the improvement. Good to borrow and try from a friendly Dealer to confirm where possible - it is what I did. I swapped some Standard levels for Medium - then re-purposed the Standard levels as empty spacers - worked well.

I found that 500 head unit one level up off the Fraim base level made it open-out and sound faster in my system - as if the extra empty shelf under it gave better isolation - and it lifts the burndies on its side off-floor and is part-way to a solution.

Then keep a space between the 500PS and any other box - it needs either on top (as you have) or spaced by an empty-shelf or Medium level shelf from the next box in its stack it you re-arrange. The 500PS has a large transformer with a highly dynamic current demand and generated the most EM noise I found - by experiment.

Then keeping Digital source away from 552 by either an empty level or a Medium shelf works well. I found I preferred my source on top of the 552 Pre - but that was in a shelf where there was a medium spacing above for the source box (in my case CD555, then NDS for a bit, now ND555) - but below the 552 in the Fraim stack I also had space (an empty shelf) - the 552 likes a lot of space and easier for most to use top shelf to get half of that.

Spacers and foam never worked for me - always heard the dulling and blunting of detail and tempo of music in ways that annoyed me - when I knew it did not have to be there and what was causing it.
Possibly suspending by light threads could work better - not one I tried.

…it is a puzzle - get some extra shelves and have at it and get all of what the system can give is my advice! :slightly_smiling_face: :bear:



Thanks for all the thoughtful replies.

Good luck.

I would be interested to hear how you solve the problem.

It would be a great opportunity for Naim to release differing lengths of Burndy to accommodate for the needs of us aspiring audiophiles that wish to discover audio nirvana in the face of limited variability :relaxed:

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Shunyata makes these lifts or spacers. They can be shaped or cut, whatever. They are relatively inexpensive. A dozen in a box.

I find it far easier to dress cables with medium levels. It also has the benefit of giving a bit more space between my ND555 and the 552.


Are you showing off your knicker elastic again Peter? :joy:

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Cable dressing advice[/quote]

I´d suggest some salt, pepper, 25 years old Crema di Vincotto and some good olive oil :innocent:

What´s your expectation of getting cables off the floor?

Sorry Bf, can’t help it :smirk: ATB Peter

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That would certainly work. Probably will add 1 or 2 shelves at some point in the near future

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