Cable dressing in active system

I am about to dismantle my system to decorate the room. When it gets re-assembled there is an opportunity to do rather better at cable dressing, although with my active system I fail to see how it can ever be wonderful. The system is on a fairly cramped single rack so space is not great.

Which are the crucial cables to be kept apart?
Am I right it is better to cross cables at 90 degrees than run parallel?
Is SL cable more sensitive to these issues ?

All tips and suggestions appreciated.



Hi Bruce, let’s raise the bar and go ‘all of them’.:rofl:
Have fun Peter

Thanks :grin:

Maybe I should post a pic of the spaghetti at the back of my system now. Still sounds fabulous though.

I have never been very obsessed by these things. The only way to really tidy it all would be two sets of Fraim side by side. Not happening.

All ‘sensible’ suggestions appreciated?


To save you looking up my system. NDS 555ps, 252 ScapDR, SNAXO 242 ScapDR, 2x250.

On one rack it’s going to be nigh on impossible to get the wires looking neat however I think looks don’t matter as much as trying to find the natural path for the interconnect that combines avoiding running parallel with hanging in the least stressed manner. With the exception of the 252 Burndy and Snaic of course which should run parallel and cross. I moved my stacks out from the wall by about an inch when I did a recent strip down and clean which made things slightly easier and avoided anything pressing against the back wall. I also took photos of the connected cables before I started to act as reference and avoid schoolboy errors. Especially important with active, you don’t want mid/bass output going to your tweeters!

I would contend - none of them!

If you want your hi-fi system to look ‘tidy’, then by all means spend some time tidying up the cables. Otherwise just connect the cables to the appropriate parts of your system, switch on, leave for 30 or so minutes before using and enjoy!

Caveat: I don’t own a Naim system, and so just maybe Naim components are particularly prone to sound killing untidyness?

As I said I am not going to obsess about this, I just want to try to avoid any significant errors rather than invoke any witchcraft.

Power cables presumably should be well away from signal cables?


That worked for me indeed.

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