Cable dressing with new Fraim pics and help please

My new Fraim has arrived to replace my old Quadraspire. I will have to redo all of my cable dressing. I know all about keeping power cables away from signal cables, not coiling the cables etc.
I was curious to see people who have a Fraimlite or Fraim, how did you do your cable dressing to keep everything tidy and in order. Any advice and pictures would be welcomed! Thanks!

Hi Daniel, i’m not not the most fastidious cable tidy person going but i have managed to stop them from touching as best i can and not become too obsessed. Most importantly though is that everything is sounding fantastic and when it is i leave well alone and just get on with the job of enjoying the music… And with the Fraim rack that’s a great foundation to do so.

I hope your build goes well. You may find it easier to carefully place your components on their shelves and to connect up as you go along. Be careful as to not scoot the glass shelves in anyway or you’ll possibly have to dissemble and start again. Especially when connecting up with tight cables. I tend to use my knee as a stopper to prevent such things.

Anyway here’s my rats nest :wink:


Thank you Stephen! I am setting mine up tonight.

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Here are some pictures of my cable spaghetti after setting up my Naim Fraim. I did my best, but cables are stubborn!

That’s a lot of QK and QV :blush: You find improvement for each one added then? I have one QK and one Furutech clear line.

I would move the Fraim forward a little if possible. Give a bit more room at the back.

What are the two items as shown in picture two?

Blimey, that’s neat by my standards!

Yes, There are improvements adding QV and QKs. I also have an NCF Clearline in another wall outlet.

I wish I could move it forward, but it would be too far into the listening room. I have to live with it this way.

I believe you are referring to the Audioquest Niagara 1000 power conditioner and the Furutech ETP80 power bar. There is also an EtherRegen ethernet switch in the picture.

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Thanks for the help

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