Cable frenzy

So after upgrading the power cables for my Star two weeks ago, I just installed some Cat6e Blue Jeans ethernet cables.

The threads on Ethernet cables here helped a lot in finding these.

The shipping was incredible my fast. 2 days from order to arrival.

Things are sounding really good this side…

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Good show.

To each his own, but I mostly stick to the following these days:

  • Power cables: Naim PowerLines for critical components. Otherwise, mostly Shunyata’s lowest cost power cables - the Venom series with the rubberized, hospital-style ends. I don’t do A-B comparisons, but over time, they both work well for me. I suspect that quelling microphonics from entering the electronics is an important part of what makes a good power cord. So I’m not much of a fan of the big, solid plastic connectors on the electronics-side, that are so prevalent in posh power cables. Oh, and I use plain, old TrippLite 14awg (2.06mm2) power cords (gasp) on my two REL Storm III subwoofers, because I needed very short (1m) cords to keep things tidy (I had outlets installed directly behind each of them).

  • Ethernet, Coax-SPDIF, XLR & HDMI: BJC all the way. The construct them to order per your desired configuration. These cables exude quality, and the specs and component details are all there on the web site, in lieu of a bunch of techno-babble and marketing BS. Ethernet cables in particular are tricky to assemble, and often don’t meet claimed specifications. BJC provides a Fluke DTX-1800 test/certification report for each individual ethernet cable. (I’m not associated with BJC in any manner. Rather I’m just a very satisfied customer for over 7 years)


Haha, well I kitted out my Star with some Venom HC power cords. I needed two, with a multi plug box. Got a Supra there.

Sounds great and for a Star I think it’s the sweet spot.

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