CABLE from wall to router

I have a bog standard white telecoms bradband cable from wall to router.
It says on it: E258105 20251 26AWG 60[DEGREES]C 150V AWM IA
Should I get a better one?
Could that perhaps improve SQ?

Nope it won’t change a thing.


Agree - it won’t change a thing.
I needed to re-route my cable via my UPS phone line surge protector. Rather than get another the same as supplied by ISP, I bought two twisted pair RJ11-RJ11 cables.
If however its an itch that won’t go away, for the sake of the price of a couple of pints, go for it. Amazon have a large selection, some fancy plug ends & choice of colours.

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I got one off eBay made up by a telecom engineer and is solid copper twisted pair, I think and was only £12 ish

Hi-Fi Dog Did it make an audible difference?

Hi, AWM20251 are genereal purpose multi conductor cables. If over a short distance in a non noisy environment it will be fine. If longer distances are required you can get twisted pair Cat 3,4 or 5 modem cables… say if you have had a 10 metre run this might improve SNR which means your xDSL sync layer speed might be slightly higher.

Will it affect SQ? No… unless perhaps you are running your broadband modem wire in parallel with your audio wiring… not very likely.

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The distance is about 3m - there is no other kit near it. I keep the other cables away from it.

Then it will almost certainly be fine

A bit yes… also it’s heavier gauge than the flat flimsy thing that cane with the router so it’s got to be better right?:wink:

Good reminder - which promoted me to tape that BB wire so it doesn’t touch any other wires.

Thanks Rich
I have a white telecoms bradband cable from my wall socket to my PlusNet router - about 3m.
Not sure whether it’s BT Openreach cable or not.
That cable says on it: E258105 20251 26AWG 60[DEGREES]C 150V AWM IA.
From there I use a new 5m Ugreen thick solid copper ethernet cable plugged into my 272.
One problem with the ethernet cable is that it came in a coil, and so it now goes along the wall in the shape of a long coil - which makes it hard to stop it touching power cables and speaker cables.
Should I replace both of those with the twisted pair cables you describe above?

Ethernet is twisted pair, Your UGreen cable is “STP”, this means Screened Twisted Pair, all ethernet cables have 8 wires made up as 4 pairs

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Solid copper Ethernet cables are really meant for fixed installations. Patch cables are more flexible, so might be easier to keep under control.

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So should I tack that Ugreen cable to the wall?
Or replace it with a patch cable?
Is what Rich describes above a patch cable?

I see Rich has answered that question for you. If the Ethernet cable is close to other cables, especially power cables, by all means fix it to the wall. Be careful not to put tight bends in it though, as this can affect performance. Manufacturers usually quote ‘minimum bend radius’ for that reason.
A more flexible patch cable would also be fine, but as you presumably won’t be constantly moving (and therefore bending) it, it’s not essential.

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Ah - that’s where I got confused. Because my original question was about a cable from the wall socket to the router. So you recommend replacing my Ugreen ethernet cable with the type of BT Openreach cable you describe above.

I swapped to a Belkin, Mike B said naff all difference and he was right.

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Yes, that does help. I had located that cable supplier, but not that particular cable.
What new router are you getting? Another standard one from your BB provider, or a better one?
And if a better one, which one?
I’m with PlusNet and just use their standard plastic router with 4 ethernet cable sockets (which feed my TV, Freesat STB, PV panels and 272) - with 40MB fibre BB.
Many thanks

Thanks Rich.
That’s useful to know.
Please do let me know what you end up doing and whether it makes an audible difference.
Best wishes

That’s also very good to know, because we have no wifi problem.
My SQ is already very good - I’m really just interested in whether it could be improved.
I may get a NAS too if I ever decide to rip my CDs…