Cable length quicky

Just a quicky guys…
With the 3.5m cable minimum length in mind, would a set of super lumina speaker cables at 3m be no good??

Looking at a SH set at the mo but concerned about the length…



It’s 3.5m min of NAC A5, but Super Luminas seem to have other rules. If Naim sell them then they are probably going to be fine.


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That’s what I thought… (silly question lol)


Not that silly! I understand that SL cable has slightly lower inductance and higher capacitance than NACA5 making it a bit less compatible with Classic series power amps despite being available in 3m lengths. It was, after all, designed for the Statement power amps.
Still, I don’t think you need to worry about it too much.

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n-lot made some helpful calculations based on the differing values of NACA5 and SL here:

We recently changed to lightly used 3 metre Superlumina speaker cables with a 250DR.

Once you connect them up you’ll soon forget about any concerns around minimum lengths. They are fabulous.

They will be fine. I used a 3m pair with a 250DR very happily.

Cheers guys…

Im gonna try them and I’ll let you know…


I thought SL 3 mtr was intended for Statement amps only, while A5 (minimum 3.5 mtr) for classic and olive series…
Not sure about CB but I’ve always used at least 5 mtr on every olive/CB amp.
Funny the longer the better, at least up to 7-8 mtr.
Setled on WH Phantom 5 mtr, Kudos next on list, both a “bit” more affordable than SL.

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