Cable question re. tricky XLR set up

I have a rather “unique” XLR cable setup.

I run 1.5 m XLR (Siltech 380i Classic Legend) from my NAC 332 to my ATC C4mk2 Subs (x2).

Then a 3m pair from XLR out of the C4mk2 Subs into the ATCSCM100ASL, I emailed ATC and they assure me there is zero signal loss by using the ATC Subs to “switch link” the signal - as it just passes it through unaltered to my 100’s.

I can only take their advice at face value and TBH, I cannot hear a degradation in sound quality going direct or via my Subs.

I very Recently upgraded the Siltech i380 to the Siltech i680 from my DAVE to NAC 332 (RAC) and I was very, very happy with the upgrade. As in I thought for the money it’s one of the better upgrades I’ve ever had.

I have the opportunity to get a second hand Siltech Crown Princess 35th Anniversary RCA cable to replace my i680. I’m just cautious that this will be a far superior cables and now the XLR i380 cables will most certainly be my “bottleneck”.

Would it be better to perhaps forget about a “bargain” that the Crown Princess cable will be and instead aim to get better (i680, the same quality as my DAC to preamp cable) XLR cables to run to / from my ATC subs/speakers ?

Even thought it will be much more expensive to go the 2x XLR cable route.

I am a big fan of system synergy and balance.

Thoughts ?

I’m no expert on active speakers but from what I’ve read, there seems to be much less to be gained from expensive cables, and your four are already very expensive indeed. I wonder whether a better way to go would be a pair of balanced leads between the Dave and the 332, rather than using RCA, which Naim always say is suboptimal.

That could be an option HH.

But Chord seem to say, with the DAVE anyway, that is better sound quality wise to go RCA from the DAVE. Something about the limited space for a true (or optimal anyway) XLR output.

So there you go I suppose, NAIM say XLR and Chord say RCA.