Cable Risers can Improve SQ…?

Of course it depends on the hifi system and whether it is ranked rows if black boxes stacked in front of you, or more discretely positioned. The electronics can even be in a cupboard. Regardless of electronics, personally I think a house without a decent pair of speakers standing proudly in at least one lounge is visually lacking - but a television is an ugly black rectangle unless on with a decent picture or programme.

You are not tempted by the Furutech NCF booster, 185 euros each ?


Why did you mention ‘RF emiited from the floor’?

There’s more to those than just being lifters. The NCF tech is really great. Those are on my list of upcoming purchases.

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I am convinced, but I doubt @CrystalGipsy is, and specially if it’s expensive :smile:

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They’re obviously not worried about cables lying on the wooden floor

Wooden blocks to keep cables off the carpet helped with bass reproduction. But bigger impact was to keep mains and interconnects (especially phono) away from each other.


Having a couple Furutech mains leads I can tell you it may be a cunning plan. Because without support at both ends, some of their cables are so heavy, they cannot stay in a wall socket or in the back of the hifi. The Empire especially. It is like 5Kg for 1.2m of cable. Totally crazy.

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Which ones do you have?

Have you ever tried them with your Naim gear?

So to the Naim gear I use all Naim PowerLines. But from the wall to a Furutech e-TP66 mains block use the Furutech Empire.

On the Luxman gear, I use all Luxman power leads (because they are good). From the wall to a Luxman ES-35 mains block I use a Furutech G-314Ag-15 Plus.

Both of these Furutech leads are from their pro-audio range, not their audiophile range. They are not super expensive and are mainly intended for use in studios with floor mounted outlets.

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As early as 1986,.I “air hung” my Linn K20 speaker-cables.
They did not touch anything from the power-amp to the speakers.

There was a small but important difference for the better in sound quality.


I haven’t noticed that. Indeed, I see black cables on the floor. Maybe the guy was out of money to raise all his cables :smile:

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Hi Peder

How did that work?


Is there an ETA for revitalisation of your Naim system (Purple Sheen Edition)?

I vaguely remember that back in the 80’s one of the hi-fi mags - I think it might have been Hi-Fi Answers, advocated suspending speaker cables from the ceiling using fishing line or some such. It seemed a bizarre idea to me at the time and I didn’t partake but perhaps this was the birth of the modern-day cable riser.

See my post before last, currently post #29

Ha! Naim have taken care of the fascias. I still have the purple/pink ones though.

No ETA yet. We still have a plot of land with nothing but mud and snow on it and no final house blueprint. Working hard on the latter. After 2 years of not being happy, I designed the house myself. Maybe Q2 next year?

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The problem with obsessive tweaking is that it leave very little time to enjoy music…

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Best not to do it then.


Excellent plan, as long as you know what you want and it will work as designed.

A friend of mine took 2 years off and designed a passivhaus on Cardigan Bay and project managed the build as well.

Came out on time and under budget and is the nicest house I’ve ever seen.

(He doesn’t have any cable risers).