Cable terminated

I just bought Naca5 used but needs banana’s so any recommendations.

The double pin Naim plugs for the amp end - same nickel plating.
Whatever metal (plating) the speaker terminals are.
IMO the best are Deltron plugs.

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Naim’s own SA8 speaker connectors at the amp end (they come with the amp, so best use them). Whatever matches your speaker’s connectors best at the other end.

Yes I have the naim plugs for amp in the box the speakers are focal sopra 2, I do have 4 Atlas rhodium expanding angle banana’s so these might be a good option for speaker end.

Hi what size solder will I need and brand?

Multicore Crystal 505 60/40 is the one we used to use at Naim. IIRC it’s still favoured by Jason et al… for soldering up NACA5 plugs.

It’s probably not a job you want to do if soldering is not something you’re comfortable with, or skilled at doing properly. A poor solder job will hobble your system. Getting it done properly is not expensive and will repay you handsomely.

OK thanks yes I think to get professional to solder.

These guide pictures might help you if you’re using the Naim plugs and covers at the amp end.

I’ve done quite a few sets over the years and you’ll need a decent soldering iron too.

Cheers, Rack.


Ideally you want to match the material of the speaker end. Rhodium if they are also Rhodium.

There’s no need to go to expense. Really good solder on plugs can be had for low cost. I’d recommend Deltron large bucket for N5 cable. Available in nickel, gold, or silver. Short of the exotic air plugs that only come with Super Lumina cable, there’s no major performance benefit to be had from other exotic plugs, the vast majority of which are just screw on rubbish. You might even find the spacing on the Focals fits the Naim plugs, in which case you could use them at both ends - though I’s still only do that if the Focals are nickel like Naim. I expect they aren’t.

Of course, if soldering isn’t you’re thing even low cost plugs get expensive and you run through them on failed practice runs.

Also to note you don’t need to use the supplied Naim plastic plugs on the speaker end if they don’t fit for example. Here is a run I made up for some old Tannoy’s, the terminals are quite far apart so the cable had to be seperated further and ‘splayed out’ so to speak. I generally use Naim plugs both ends as they are high quality and you can get a really good solder connection as the apertures in the plugs are quite deep and thus allow for a good fill of hot solder.

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Thanks I use focal sopra 2 the binding posts look like nickel. Not 100% sure

Hi the 4 DELTRON 4mm BANANA PLUGS large bucket with screw is that the one you recommend some don’t have this screw I have noticed.

There shouldn’t be any screw.

Yes this option can be screwed crimping or solder so I will have it soldered the other plug is just solder.

Deltron have a number of options, large or small solder bucket & with or without screw.
I have the screw option which helps hold the wire in place, then I solder.

Yes that’s the option I went for.

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