Cable TV/Internet Costs

Just thought I would share my experience today with my TV/broadband with a well known provider. The cost of my package has gradually crept up over the last couple of years after my contract finished. My own fault really due to lack of intertia on my part. I discussed my package telling them I was paying too much and they agreed! This has resulted in my monthly bill being nearly halved! Moral of the story is don’t let things slip like I did. Media companies want to keep your business and will more than likely reduce your bill if you take a new contract. I was initially offered a small reduction which I rejected and told them I would have to consider leaving - all of a sudden …!!!

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Yes, I have to do the “I’m Leaving” dance with my cable TV/Phone/Broadband provider every time my contract is up for renewal. They do usually give way in the end, but with varying degrees of brinkmanship on both sides. Unfortunately, inertia doesn’t pay.

Yep, they are quite happy to keep taking your dosh!

We have this silly song and dance with Virgin Media every year. They give us a fixed price then try to put it up, I phone up and grumble and they waive the increase and in 2021 they reduced it to cheer me up. We pay £38 for broadband 100mb, landline with weekend calls and the most basic TV package.

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It’s the same with newspapers. I subscribed to the Washington Post a year or two back when we were looking at a business opportunity in the US. Then when that didn’t materialise I said I didn’t want to renew. They offered me such an amazing discount that I said yes (it was so little I have forgotten what it was).

And the Economist dropped to half price for a year when I said I wanted to cancel.

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Yep. All ya gotta do is call up and ask. And especially now that most of them are working from home with a 3 year old running around. If you make a few jokes and get them chatting, they’ll really dig for good deals for you and it’s a fun conversation as well. Well, in Canada, anyway. I’m paying about a third of what my friends pay and I have 1 gbps service, a land line w free North America, and basic chaannels.
Fibre optic cable right to my modem.


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