Cable use between 282 and 2x hicap

Is there a threat somewhere with information how to connect 2 x hicap to a 282? What cables to use? Especially from te 282 untill the hc. Both 5 pin 240 interconnect but one is power and signal and one is just power. Are the cables different?

All you need is another Snaic 5 for the second Hicap. It’s exactly the same cable that you use on the first Hicap.


They are the same 5 pin 240 degree SNAIC cable.


Okay many thanks!

Can I also take the signal directly from the 282 if i preffer an upgrade cable and I just have one. For example a din 4 to xlr from chord.

Why do that ? Just take it from socket 3 on the Hicap that’s connected to the Upgrade 1 socket on the 282 as Naim recommends.

Okay thxs.

No, thats not what Naim intend. The Audio signal is only in SNAIC #1 - SNAIC#2 is just power.

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