I’ll swear this forum looked different last time I used it. Anyway, to the question. I’ve recently indulged in a bit of upgrading, hi-cap DR, hi-line and super lumina from HC to NAP250 and was thinking of upgrading the pre to HC cable(5 pin 240 degree I think) from a black SNAIC but it looks like this doesn’t exist in Hi-Line or Super Lumina. Would this be a special order or Is it considered not necessary? Given the immediate difference when adding the Hi-Line and Super Lumina it seemed like it was worth a try.


There is no Naim replacement for the Snaic5.

I had one sent to me by mistake recently…a witch hat Morgana, instead if a 5 pin source cable. They already had said it would make no difference to sound on my 552/500. And being curious, i tried, it made no difference…it just powers the logic circuitry and lights. We are not supposed to discuss 3 party snaic cables…i know you were after a Naim solution. But for others, don’t bother.

Do bear in mind that on the 552 the Snaic only powers the logic circuits as you say, whereas with the 72, which the OP has, it carries audio signal.

Did not know that, thanks HH

Thanks for the replies Gents. My intention is to upgrade the 72/HiCap to 252/Supercap eventually so no real need to upgrade the cable now.

…but then, for common wisdom is to dress the snaic close, but not touching the Burndy (252 and 552) to get the best performance - it should make a difference?

Yes dressing will help other cables carrying a signal by keeping them apart. Just on the 552/500 its just power forlogic circuits. As HH points out for some other amp combinations the snaic5 does carry a signal. Just something i was not aware of.

It’s only the 252 and 552 where the Snaic to the preamp does not carry the audio signal. These two have a Burndy lead that carries audio and power - just like a big Snaic.

Thanks Nigel.

And FWIW, the second SNAIC5 from Supercap to (2)82 does not carry audio, but in this case it powers parts of the analogue circuitry, with the display/switching handled by a NAPSC.

Simples, yes? :roll_eyes: :grin:


I ended buying a pre-loved 282 which improved everything no end. Now to start saving for a supercap.

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