Cabling for 555 PS

I have just bought a second hand 555PS to replace an XPS DR ( I am having the 555PS DR’d) Am i right in thinking i have to buy a Burndy Cable for the 555PS as the cable on the XPS goes with it ?

Yes, I believe that is correct (I am thinking of doing the same).

The cable you have with your XPS will work on the 555, but if you are selling XPS immediately and want to sell as originally factory supplied, then yes cable goes in box with XPS.

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thanks , my plan is to sell the XPS immediately so Looks like I will need to get another Burndy

I don’t believe the XPS and 555PS will use the same burndy. I seem to recall that from upgrading an XPS myself on the CDS2. As I recall, the CDS2 used a gray burndy with the XPS but required a black one with the 555PS. You should definitely check with the factory when you do the DR, or ask your dealer. Don’t just grab a burndy second hand and hope for the best.

I think you are right Skip,when I got my NDS,it came with two Burndies.I use an XPSDR with it right now,I asked on the forum which one to use,and Richard Dane said use the XPS one,the two that came with the NDS are for the 555 power supply.

Yes …I’m using the xpsdr one with my NDS and the NDS pair are used at this time…

I know it’s complicated but a source component like an NDS/CD555 come with two dedicated burndy’s distinguishable by their thickness and the netted protection sheath. If you want to power another component other than the above then you’ll need and SXPS 2 lead, which is black, thinner and a little shiny by comparison.

As it’s an XPS DR it will use the correct Burndy for the 555PS

The XPS-DR power supply comes as standard with a black S-XPS Burndy cable. As others have mentioned the 555PS does not come with a Burndy cable as it’s assumed that if you’re connecting an NDS or ND555 then you would use the dual Burndy cables that come supplied with those sources.

If you want to use a single connection from 555PS to NDX2, nDAC, CDX2 etc then the black S-XPS Burndy cable is the one that you would need to buy.

Black S-XPS Burndy purchased today. Thanks for all the feedback

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