Cadenza black loading question

I am running a Cadenza black cartridge into a Superline without any load plugs at the moment. Any advice on what if any plugs I should use gratefully recieved. The data sheet just says >10ohm with no mention of capacitance. I have seen one previous post that suggests 47kohm and 4.7nF. Many thanks John

Most Ortofon cartridges thrive on 100ohm and I think that is what their website says. Below that the sound might be thin and too far above a bit woody.

Many thanks I’ll try that out

That’s moving Magnet Territory, surely…?

You have a Naim Superline - so you will be asking your Naim dealer for their recommendations, I hope/…?

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Just repeating a previous message re 47kohm. I was interested to see what other users experience was of using the load plugs with this cartridge.

You don’t have the option of 47kΩ, 10k is the highest you can go but I suggest you try the 100 and 220Ω plugs and once you’ve settled on either or whatever then listen to what a 1nF plug does in addition.

Thanks doesn’t look like I’ll get anything from anyone with direct experience. I will do some trials with the supplied plugs and make up my own mind.

I use cadenza black but not on a superline …n u can find specs on google …ortofon cadenza black :black_heart: …awsum cart

I contacted Ortofon for their recommendation and this is their response is case anyone is interested:

When it comes to loading options, the capacitance, (the pF options,) isn’t important for Moving Coil cartridges, and we therefore recommend the lowest option.

Load resistance does matter, but the exact setting is mostly a matter of taste. The recommended load resistance is > 10 Ohm. I recommend starting at 100 Ohm and work your way up to 500 Ohm to find the setting you prefer.

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