Calibrated microphone

Morning all!

I’m going to have a dabble with REW.

I was just about to order a miniDSP UMIK1 USB Measurement Calibrated Microphone when I remembered that I had the Audyssey setup microphone that came with my Marrantz AV receiver/amp.

Would this work with REW?

The UMIK is a USB microphone so I doubt you would be able to use yours as a substitute.

Yes, I spotted that.
Because I don’t have any experience with REW, I didn’t understand the relevance of the usb connection.

I had hoped that it would just be the fact that Jack plugs seem to be getting phased out on things like smartphones.

I’ve just had a read of the REW website and now understand that the proper usb mic comes with a calibration file in a format which REW understands.

Thanks anyway.

You can use other (measuring) microphones, subject to suitable connection. Without an inbuilt ADC YOU’d need either a soundcard with high quality mic input, or a separate ADC. I use a Behringer ECM1000 mic and a Roland mixer-recorder that has a USB output.

A measuring mic is important because it is designed to have as near flat a response as possible, many mics being nowhere near flat (hence different mics being used for different purposes). Calibration is needed as even a measuring mic is not completely flat across the full audible frequency range, and it allows correction for the microphone.


UMIK is the dogs danglies, get one bought and then sell it. Or buy a used one and then sell that on after calibration.

There are plenty of good guides on YouTube on how to use.

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Thanks for the background on this. I’m not going to complicate things any further. I’ll just crack on and get the UMIK ordered.

@gav_sw20 That’s the plan mate! However… If it’s anything like the rest of the stuff I buy, it’ll never get sold.

Has anyone tried this inexpensive measurement microphone?

I’m thinking of dabbing with my 2nd system so don’t really want the expense of the UMIK which seems to have reached almost £200.

It’s primarily for use with a phone so I’m not sure if I could plug this into the microphone socket of a laptop?

I haven’t. But can find the UMIK-1 for much less than £200 online. Are you sure about that price?


I must admit haven’t looked for a little while and a few months back there was no stock and the price on the river had become inflated. I can see several retailers back to realistic prices now.

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I have no knowledge of tat Dayton mic, but it appears to e intended to be used plugged into a phone or tablet, which is not ideal as among other things for full assessment you want to be able to position the mic in various places and but with you in the anticipated listening position. I guess it would work with a long enough extension cable, though you’ll need a means of fixing the mic in the appropriate position (which is not usually lying against a surface).

However, I don’t know where you found that price for the UMIK-1! Are you sure that’s not for two?!! In Britain I would expect to pay no more than £120 including delivery for a new one, maybe less. Cheaper in USA. Secondhand from e-Bay maybe 1/2 to 3/4 new price (not really a risk - and you can easily move if you don’t want it any more, losing only seller fees and postage).

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My UMIK should arrive tomorrow. £120 inc delivery.

I noticed that the mk2 version was nearly twice the price. @trickydickie maybe you were previously looking at the mk2 version?

The microphone arrived, I’ve installed REW and uploaded the UMIK-1 calibration files.

Youtube videos got me this far but they all want me to use the laptop as the source for the test signal/tone.

When searching this forum, I saw that someone said it was better to play these tones from our equipment (in my case, the front USB port on the NDX2 )

This is the bit I’m struggling with. REW seems to want me to run the test tones on the PC to pass a level test, before it will allow the “start” button to activate.

I’m clearly missing something here (am stupid).

Whilst typing this, I did wonder if it would be better to start a fresh pictorial thread, showing the most basic setup to first basic measurement, using equipment specific to this group ?

I’ve only done from laptop. Subsequent to that there was a brief discussion of putting onto a memory stick or possibly CD - I think it may have been @Xanthe. Otherwise it should be possible to locate by searching, though getting the term appropriate may be a struggle.

Thanks @Innocent_Bystander

Yes, I’ve been struggling to find that particular bit of knowledge. Not to worry, I’ll just follow the tutorials for the conventional way.

Create the test tones on a USB stick using “save to file” in the window you have open. Then plug into your streamer.

Hi @Guinnless
I managed that bit and can play that file on my streamer.

It’s as if REW needs to pass a calibration test before it will allow the “start” button to activate.

I’m clearly missing something simple. I’ll have another look at it today with a fresh head.

That’s a good price.

Question for @Richard.Dane: Is @slug allowed to give a clue as to from where he got it?

The window you have open is just for creating tones and pink noise. If you already have the tones then you need to move onto the measurement window “RTA”

Yes, so long as no links posted.