Call for a return of the Phono button

I’ve had a turntable since my first year at University, a Dual CS505, and after a Rega Planar 3 for a few years have had an LP12 in various guises since 1991. However, none of my Naim pre-amplifiers have had a Phono input since I bought my first 15 years ago. At that time vinyl sales were pretty low. However, sales are now improving year on year, so could we persuade Naim to restore a Phono input instead of the rather inappropriately anonymous “Aux2”? My ND555/ 2X 555DR is pretty good, but vinyl remains my primary source, so I’d like to campaign for a label worthy of vinyl’s acoustic hierarchy on our pre-amp buttons?


Sadly not only with Naim amplifiers. The last one I had with an input called phono was a Klyne SK 7 back in the nineties.
But things are getting better, both the SN3 and the current XS have phono inputs.

It’s not just the labelling. The electronics needed for a phono input are completely different to what you would need for an Auxiliary input.



I have a phono imput and phono stage inside my ear yoshino pre.
Some still do that, as Dartzeel, CAT, VAC…but not a lot unfortunately.

My Hegel has Analogue 1 and Analogue 2.

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The new Tidal Audio Prisma preamp is basically designed as a Phono preamp with 3 additional line level inputs…I commend their support for vinyl :grinning:

I realise I still would need my phono stage, I’m not suggestion an internal one, but it would be nice to have a switch on my 252 like the one HH has shown on his SN3 (?). Maybe it could be an option when it goes in for a service?

How is the Tidal audio sound? Have you heard once ?

If I recall correctly, the 82 and 52 came with little labels that could be swapped on the buttons. I imagine it would be much harder to swap the buttons of the current stuff. When I rejigged my system last year, the internal phono stage of the SN3 was one of its selling points for me. I have a Rega, a Naim tuner and a streamer and it’s really nice (good UX to coin a phrase) to have phono, tuner and stream buttons to press.

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Like nothing else…Have a listen if you have the opportunity.

Don’t think there’s Tidal here in France. But would like to.

It would be cool if we could buy replacement buttons from Naim. Just the labels. And let authorised agents replace them.

My two sources are phono and streaming and it would be nice if I could use buttons named accordingly.

Think you’d be opening up a can of worms if it were easy to re-label the button on your naim equipment. If labelled phono, would expect it to having an internal phono stage, and as units enter the second-hand market, is it now a plug n playlet-up or not. Sure on things like Levinson, each input can be labelled and you would expect to have to find out, but with naim if a button is labelled it would be assumed it is set up.

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Mmm I disagree, e.g. the phono stage on nait xs 3 is for MM cartridges only. So it’s not like labelling something ‘phono’ necessarily means it will include a phono stage to suit the source.

I’m happy to use the existing labels, it just seems a little out of touch not to have the option to change the labels on, for example, a brand new 202/282/252, to match the in-vogue sources:

S1 Preamp has a phono input.

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I tend to agree that this should be re-added. My non Naim amps in fact have dedicated input selections for MM and MC and other inputs simply labelled with numbers. I get that there is finite space on the fascia here.

I’d be surprised if the next iteration didn’t instead opt for a small screen with a programable input selector. After all, you can never predict that accurately what sources people will have. For sure loads of people use mislabelled inputs because they have no choice. I mean, Naim now only make streamers as their source component (Okay the CD 5i is still around for a bit), but it also has no appropriate input. Do you use CD? They aren’t CD players. Do you use HDD? Well it seems close but internet streaming isn’t HDD and besides, it is on a tape loop. Do use Tuner? After all there is web radio but it seems iffy.

90% of users use a streamer and a turntable - the two buttons that don’t on the classic preamps.

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The complete preamp with phono. I am glad to own it .


Bit outa left field but seeing as we’re talking about buttons–I’II intrude with a pet peeve :wink:

The RCom Remote heavy but firm and luv the backlight–excellent unit reeks of class and style :blush:

But hold the Phone!-- where’s the REPEAT button???-- nix nada-- what was Naim thinking to make a

precision Remote for the CD555 with no freakin’ REPEAT !–one has to use that flaky plastic version

Sheesh big fail Naim designers–sorry :face_with_head_bandage:

End of rant,


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Totally agree. That’s exactly the point I wanted to make too.