Calling all Power Sockets!

I thought I would do some experimenting today with power sockets (as you do). The original one was switched/brass. I noticed a few members have got them in plastic without switches?

I looked at the MK and Scheider - visually the Crabtree appeared better quality, so went for this (Crabtree being 3 times as expensive as Schneider, although in relative terms - cheap at 11 quid).



Couple of hours in and sounds great!

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:small_blue_diamond:Malla,.And what did you experience was the biggest improvement.?


My initial impression is, lower noise floor and more space around the instruments.


The Crabtree brand quality has done the rounds, thankfully its now a better product.
The brand is owned by Electrium UK the parent company of other brands such as Wylex & others. Electrium is part of the Siemens (Munich) group of companies.
That said, I prefer, & my whole house is equipped with MK Logic Plus

Incidentally & a slight thread drift (apologies)
I had a cable dressing irritant with a 13A plug, so I swapped out the MS HD Power plug to a Furutech L-Shape Angled plug that I selected because the cable exits the plug some distance from the wall compared to ‘normal’ 13A plugs, it fixed the irritant so happy days.
It also bought a slight change in SQ, but maybe it was my imagination, & no I’m not getting into testing mode.


My experience with Furutech has always been positive. Especially when I used to have alot of Isotek / Power cables.


I use missing link silver plated wall socket combined witt the matching silver plated clear plug.
As well as improved SQ the plig looks very clean and simple as you can see all the internal plug wiring to see if its wired correctly and neatly. I use most missing link pligs as long as the cable isnt more than 14mm or the conductors too stiff. I also use MK with a earth pin for connection to the olsen pdu and it works a treat, although the M link dosnt come with an earth pin.

IMO a tweak that doesn’t have to cost a lot.


This looks just the same as my old ones that had been fitted when the house was built some 25 years ago.
I haven’t yet gone the length of getting dedicated mains, but have looked closer into it somewhat.
I swapped in some silver plated ones by MCRU. A relatively cheap plastic unswitched treated affair.
Everything seemed to make a step back, forward and sideways.
Whether it was down to the quality of the new plug, or just getting rid of something exactly equivalent, but without years of crud shoved in those old plug jaws.

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Nice. Just seen someone selling them on a well known site. 38 quid delivered.

I will give one a try and see! thanks for the tip

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