Came across this!

Are these current prices?

It reminds me of Lambchop talking about why they no longer had 10+ band members on tour. Mostly cost. (I saw them at York Opera House when they had 5 guitarists at one point)

It’s also an interesting contrast to stories you see of top artists doing private gigs for oil billionaires for millions.

Anyway, support those bands you like. Go to see them when they tour. Buy some merch.

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Excellent - Taste @ £150 for a real bluesy boozy sweaty night. Could fit em in but they’d blow the doors off!


Doors can be refitted though youngster!!

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Sadly my friend the prices are from January 1969, wouldn’t it be great if they were current!

I think @Lerxxst was mentioning some current prices though? Admittedly not for Pink Floyd or Fleetwood Mac

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That is an amazing piece of memorabilia. Get the band for an evening for the same or less money than you’d pay these days for an original piece of their vinyl.

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I know, seems ridiculous doesn’t it?

Oh to be able to see The Bonzos with the one and only Viv Stanshall.


Interesting that Small Faces are top of the pops on pricing. Great Band, but seems a bit odd retrospectively considering who else is on the list.

That’ll be due to Don Arden!

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You’re right, but maybe this was ‘their’ time?

It’s interesting to see Fairport on that list: we have them booked on 1 June 2022, over 50 years on!! It’s certainly hard for bands and we always try to pay as much as we can. Things are hard at the moment with a lot of uncertainty about ticket sales so it’s something of a juggling act between minimum guarantee and % share but it generally works ok. The bands get so little from Spotify etc and it really does make a difference for people to get out there and buy tickets, CDs and t shirts, as said above.


I agree young man, we also try and do our bit for the various bands that we enjoy, as good as our respective music systems may be it’s difficult to beat live music, but the ‘price list’ is quite an interesting eye opener I thought.

I noticed Emsworth on their 2022 tour list, I was planning to ask you if that were one of your gigs.

Yes, it’s twice delayed from 2020! We’ve booked some good bands for next year, Unthanks, Le Vent du Nord, Peter Case and various others. Have a look at the website and you’ll see them all. You’ll also see muggins just sneaking into a selfie.

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That’s a good lineup, and a nice picture with Eddi Reader. :grin:

Thanks HH I certainly will :+1:

Tough choice if I had to pick only one.

Traffic @ 200 would be high on my list.

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Hi Bart, yeah it’s a tough choice, but honestly I think I would arrange them at fortnightly intervals (to give my ears a chance to recover) and work down the list.

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