Can 552 support dual 500 power amp?

I have one 552 and 500 DR, I have a question is can 552 support dual 500 for higher power output. If it can, how to connect them? Thanks.

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You could passively bi-amp a suitable speaker using a pair of NAP500s. You would need at least one of the DIN-XLR leads to be shotgunned (i.e. single DIN4 - 2 x XLR) though as there are only 3 DIN pre-outs and a single NAP500 requires two of them to be used.

Better, would be to actively bi-amp with a suitable active crossover. Of course, not many speakers will allow this and Naim’s SNAXO is designed only around Naim speakers and some others such as Linn Saras and Isobariks. It also presumes that the active speaker in question is a two way. Otherwise, if a three-way you would need another power amp to make three…


All three pre out on 552 is full stereo?

Yes, all three DIN4 pre-outs are stereo.

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Your profile lists 202-200, no speakers. For a more informative answer, details of the speakers would be useful. Naim do not endorse bi-amping btw.

I assume you mean passive bu-amping. Naim used to not only endorse but positively support active bi- and tri- amping. Personally I question the balue of passive, only worth trying in my view if someone happens to have a spare amp. Active on the other hand, with removal of the speaker crossovers, is distinctly beneficial, albeit expensive and complex.

To the OP: for active, given that Naim’s SNAXOs are, I believe, discontinued, and not necessarily tailorable for all speakers, there are alternatives, in particular digital active crossovers, that allow easy user selection of crossover frequencies, crossover slopes, channel levels, and phase, so adaptable to virtually any speaker.

Now my speaker is Harbeth HL5 35 aniversary.
Plan to replace Harbeth with Wilson Benesch Endeavour 3Zero. I am afraid only 1 NAP 500 DR can not drive it well, so plan use 2 NAP 500 DR to drive it.

What makes you think a NAP 500 is likely to be insufficient to drive the WB Endeavour 3Zero? And if it is insufficient, why not go the whole hog and use a pair of NAP S1 monoblocks instead of wishy-washy passive driving with a pair of 500s? (Wishy-washy due to uncertain benefit and lacking direct voice coil drive compared to active bi- or tri-amping).


If one 500dr can’t drive them, i would certainly be looking at an amp that can rather than buy a second 500dr
But then each to their own, as they say

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Wow that is some speaker…I can’t help but think there our other superb options to consider…which would be friendly to the fabulous 500dr. At this level a Statement system (preloved) is a possibility…even with humble speakers it would be epic…anyway let us know how you get on…find yourself a really good dealer…over and out…

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Am not sure that this is necessarily correct. Until a year ago, I had a Naim 500-series system (incl 500 DR) running into WB Resolution floorstanders (with a WB Torus) and it sounded great, with no lack of grunt. (But a change of electronics allowed the WB speakers to better demonstrate their capabilities.)

Looking at WB Zero specs, a single Nap 500 seems well up to the task

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At the risk of sounding contrary, I don’t think it is true at all that Naim don’t endorse passive biamping. Their stance is more like, all things being equal, it provides no benefit if the speakers are fully within the amplifier’s capability. That’s certainly not the same as not recommending it.

If the quality of the speakers are at an appropriate level for a 500 but the 500 simply isn’t powerful enough, then a second 500 is by far a more sensible (and affordable) solution than Statement.

Statement was a tongue in cheek suggestion of mine! However if more ‘grunt’ is needed, that would be primarily at the bass end, and passive bi-amping with one amp on bass the other on treble isn’t the same as having twice the power amp.

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