Can a NDX2 direct connected to a power amplifier?

As the titel says, is it possible to connect the NDX2 to a NAP 250 (for example) ?

So i don’t need a pre amp section?


Unfortunately you need. A lot have tried without and found the sound much better with. But not necessarily Naim pre. Some use Townsend allegri, Prima Luna, ear yoshino…

There is need and then there is need!

As I understand it the NDX2 has a digital volume control, and its output may be enough to drive a power amp, So technically cou could run direct, so in that sense you don’t need a preamp. BUT: unlike a DAC like Dave that has a volume control designed for sound quality and designed to be able to be used without a preamp (though usable with a preamp if desired), my understanding is that the VC in the NDX2 is there primarily to meet EU(?) requirements, and may have an adverse effect on sound quality. In addition the NDX2 might not have the ultrasonic filtering that some power amps need for stability (I do not know whether or not), Furthermore IIUC the software VC under certain conditions might default to max volume (risk of speaker, nerve or neighbour relations damage).

Apple Air Play or Chromecast certification actually. Naim would have not bothered with it if they could and still got certified.

Indeed it is not a feature for the customer. It is a tickbox solution not really intended to be used.

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Thanks for the correction FZ - my question mark was because eU sounded wrong but I couldn’t remember where the requirement came from.

Lots of good info here on this topic

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It’s Apple and Chromecast certification.



As for it being a good idea or not…listen for yourself. I’ve tried it, and it works fine. Naim, of course, do not recommend it, but is the improvement from adding, say, a 282/Hicap worth the money? Are there other things you could do with £6,000 that would bring bigger gains?
Regarding the accidental switching to full volume issue, sure, that could be bad. However, I’m not aware of any incidences of this with an NDX2, whereas I have with a Superuniti, Atom and some others.

Thank you so far. Its interesting because what you say about > 6,000 would that be worth?

I’m gone try it somewhere near my place to test it.

At this moment i got the SN2 + NDX (1) Maybe changing to the NDX2 + power amp (klasse A, like Pass Labs XA30.8)

You may need to have a cable made up to try it. The NDX2 has a 5 pin DIN output which is usually best with Naim gear, although there is also an RCA out.

What did you end up doing in the end Chris?

Where i’m talking about the NDX2 at this moment. Will it be possible with the NDX (1) to connect to a power amp and control the volume with the app?

No, it doesn’t have the variable volume option of the NDX2.

OK, thx

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