Can a powerline lite be turned into an EU plug?

Is it possible to change the UK plug from the powerline lite into a EU plug and keep the benefits that this cable brings?
I have three of these cables and it would be nice to utilize them.

You can change the mains plug but then it’s just like the old standard lead with no decoupling benefits.

The benefit of the Powerline Lite is the plug. The rest of the cable is the same as before so if you chop the plug off it becomes a ‘normal’ cable.

Yeah I thought so already…
What if I add a UK to EU converter plug in between the socket and the cable?

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Conversely… can I change a schuko plug on a powerline to the UK Naim plug?
I have a few and now that I’ve relocated to the UK they may become obsolete… which would be a shame.

I use exactly the same converter plug for my Powerline Lites and I’m very happy with it. Just be sure not to plug the device out of phase (rotate the plug 180 degrees). You can try connecting the plug in both directions and see which direction sounds best for you.

What is the best way to make sure it is plugged correctly?

I still have a VanderHul pole checker somewhere but I forgot how to use it.

I don’t see the point of all this. Not only are you using an adapter but the UK version with the decoupled plug has a fuse in it, something you don’t have in the standard Schuko plug.

I’d just get the correct mains cable or get the plug replaced by a Schuko version.

I thought this cable is better than a standard cable than the one that comes with the EU version.
Maybe I am wrong in my assumption?
I figured if it is better then I can use a converter in between to still use the better cable.

It’s a ‘better’ cable (due to the mains plug design) but you’ve negated any gains by using the adapter (itself of questionable quality) and the fact you’ve added a fuse where it’s not needed for your country.

Hmm… I didn’t know that. Seems I can’t really use them then…

You can use it but it’s not the ideal approach. Simple is usually better. One of the benefits you guys have over the UK is that you don’t have plug top fuses like we have. This can improve SQ, hence my comment about introducing a fuse where you don’t need one.

You should speak to Naim or your Naim dealer about this. I don’t know whether Naim offer this service.

This forum has not buy & sell section to sell these cables right?

As a related question, my SN3 came with a UK Powerline lite and a moulded Schuko IEC lead and I noticed that the UK lead has 0.75mm conductors (based on the printing on the lead) but the Schuko one has 1.00mm.

I know Schuko is rated at 16A versus the 13A fuse in a UK lead but why not standardise the leads with the same sizing of cable?

What about using Powerline (not Lite) with an adapter? Would the adapter take much of the better performance over a standard Naim cable?

With the Powerline, you’ve still got the better cable and IEC plug on the non UK versions. The only way to really find out is to compare the UK version + adapter to the Schuko equipped version.

There are Schuko Powerline cables? I thought there were only UK versions.

IIRC there are UK, US and EU versions.

Here you go -

And it seems Swiss and New Zealand versions too…

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It’s the Powerline Lite that is only available in a UK version.



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