Can a single Naim Power Supply Support Multiple Components?

I have been stalking an online auction for a secondhand NAC 252 + Supercap PS, along with an NAP 250.

I am confused as to the power supply requirements of these products. I understand that the NAC 252 requires the use of an external PS, and that the Supercap works for that purpose.

Does the NAP 250 require an external power supply? If so, does it also plug into the Supercap?

Can anything else besides the NAC 252 plug into the Supercap? It says it has multiple outputs, but is that just to power different discrete parts of the NAC 252, or could you also use the supercap to power an NDX2, for instance?

It seems in pictures that folks end up buying a separate power supply (XPS, Hicap, Supercap, etc.) for each component, so perhaps each power supply only works for one component?

Any clarification would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

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Hi, the 252 requires a Supercap. The 250 is self powered, so no extra box required there.
An NDX2 can be self powered, or use an XPS or 555, but not a Supercap.

No Naim power supplies can supply multiple boxes (with the exception of the Flatcap which is not relevant here).


Much obliged. That is more clearly stated than I have seen it anywhere else.

Does any Naim power supply support more than one component at a time? Maybe that is irrelevant in the case of a NAC 252 + Supercap & NAP 250, but would a single external power supply, for instance, serve as an upgrade to two components (a DAC and streamer, or a streamer and CD transport) at the same time via multiple outputs, or would I need to purchase a separate external power supply for each separate component?

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No, you need a separate PSU for each component unless it uses its built in supply. So if you are looking at an NDX2 you will want an XPS for it. The Supercap will be powering the 252 only.


Thanks again. Makes sense now that I see it laid out like that. I feel like that information should be easier to find in one place for Naim newbies like me!

Just look at pictures of the back panel. If it has a mains socket it doesn’t need a separate power supply. If it doesn’t have a mains socket, it needs one.

Ha! That makes sense, but then I read the information on the Naim website and got confused. Plus, the back of the Supercap has what appear visually to be multiple component-supporting outputs, but as Chris SU clarified, that is not how it works! I am glad to be educated now.

You might find this useful. It doesn’t show every possible combination but the main amp connections are shown in detail:

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Some are just signal outputs (usually DIN4), others are DC power and sometimes also signal (usually 240 degree DIN5). In many configurations Naim run the signal through the power supply as this keeps the signal earth and system earth close together for best performance.

Have a read through the posts in the FAQ on here for a better understanding of Naim fundamentals, starting with the first question most people ask; what do Naim prefer to use DINs:

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