Can anyone offer some help?

I’ve been enjoying what have you been listening to. The page has approximately 24,000 entries. Starting at 1 and going through to 460 over many weeks all of a sudden whenever I open the page up it takes me to the most current entry which is also the last. In order to get back up to the 460 I have to expend time with scrolling scrolling and scrolling. In the past wherever I stopped at was pretty much the same page that I opened when I wanted to start viewing the listings. I feel that my Clumsy fingers inadvertently depressed something that has caused this condition. Can anybody help?

@Richard.Dane can you help

if you look at the end of the url, there is a number. e.g.

the above 2 is the entry number so just manually change it to 460

So long as you’re signed in then it should remember and take you to the last post where you last viewed the thread.

If it’s not doing that then try signing out and then dining back in again. Also try clearing your history and any cookies.

If you touch the post number at the bottom, a scroll bar pops up, so you can whizz to the top or wherever in a second or two by dragging the bar.

You can also enter the post number or date by touching jump to…


To avoid going to the end of the thread, when you haven’t finished it - don’t click on the title when you open it, instead click the number on the right (as shown below in white text on dark grey) which shows the total unread posts, and that will take you to where you left the thread.

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