Can I attach a Uniti core to a Uniti atom HE?

Just wanting to confirm that I can hook up a Uniti core ripper/storage unit to a Uniti Atom headphone edition and access all the digital music I have stored on the core. ( I own a core and thinking about buying an atom)

The core appears to have an RCA input on rear, but reading the Naim website is not very clear on this.



Just connect them both to your home network. You don’t need to connect them to each other directly.

The Core has a BNC coaxial output that you can connect to the Atom HE (assuming it has a coaxial input?). The Core should have a BNC to RCA adapter with it, so you go BNC to BNC, or RCA to RCA to the Atom HE.

However, you get better functionality if you can connect through your home network.

To add to the two previous posts, your Core and Atom would in any case both need a connection to your home network, through which they also have internet access. They will find each other through this network connection which will allow the music stored on your Core to be accessed via the Server input on the Atom.

An additional cable could be used to connect the Core to the Atom directly, but it’s not necessary. In this case you would need to access the Core through the Naim app to browse and select music, then switch to the Atom to control volume, select different inputs etc.

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So it sounds like a the core will act like an NAS. So is there any advantage of using the core this way as opposed to just putting my music on an NAS?

So it sounds like a the core will act like an NAS. So is there any advantage of using the core this way as opposed to just putting my music on an NAS?
(I posed the same question to Chris below)

The Core is effectively a NAS with a ripper and if you already have your music stored on it there would be no point in getting a NAS as well. How do you use the Core now?

The only advantage to using a Core rather than a NAS is that it has a built in ripping engine. If you have a Core you don’t need a NAS - assuming you already have a back up solution in place. And if you were to get a NAS, you don’t need a Core. Do bear in mind that if you have ripped to WAV on the Core, you won’t be able to use them on the NAS, unless you convert them to Flac using suitable software.

The Core is a NAS! If you like the way it handles CD ripping, storage and UPnP server functions, great. There isn’t really anything it does that you can’t do with a regular NAS at a far lower price, and the ripping and serving software on the Core is by far the most basic of any I have come across.

I actually use the core in my main system and had planned to leave it there. The atom would be for a vacation home, so I am trying to figure out the best way to get my music on both systems. Prefer to leave the core at home, but thought about bringing it back and forth. Sounds like just getting a NAS for the vacation home is a better idea

One follow up question- for the atom- is it better to get a NAS for the home, or put music on a 1TB SSD and connect it directly toy to the atom? Is there a sonic difference, or are differences mostly convenience?

Given your situation, I would back up your Core to a portable HDD or SDD and take that away with you and plug it into the Atom - I wouldn’t transport the Core back and forth. It would also mean you only have to manage one music library and not try to ensure one in the Core and another in a NAS are compatible.

I would start with a hard drive and see how you get on. If your music library is very large the Atom may struggle to index it, but other than that there is no downside to it, and sound quality is fine.
If nothing else you’ll have a spare backup which may be useful for taking new music to the Atom if you later add a NAS.

Thanks so much you guys have been great. So I’ll start with an SSD (also the lowest cost option), then move to an NAS as a plan b.

One more question- it’s relatively easy to transfer the music from my core to a SSD or NAS, but is there anyway to transfer playlists from the core to the atom/SSD/NAS?