Can I block spotify?

:rofl: Maybe that’s what he want!

I read about similar tactic being used against spotify account “hijacker” . After ten minutes of relentless musical therapy the hijacker suddenly stopped.


There is an solution, but Naim has to build it first: a sort of pincode to pair only your own devices to the Naim. Without such a code nobody on your network can play music on it.

Just reset your Atom to factory settings, as I said before.



If you’ve disabled Spotify and restarted, I’m still unsure he should be able to connect - is Bluetooth enabled?

The WiFi changing code seems a good idea.

That didn’t help. Everyone on my WiFi netwerk could still connect.

It did help now! I could disable chromecast, which I don’t use. Now Spotify won’t fine my Atom. Thanks!

I have a question related to this topic: las weekend my son had a couple of friends over and was having a good time. They were gathering in the back of the room and playing music via Spotify on my mu-so QB. I assume they connected via Bluetooth …

Now, last Monday, all of a sudden, during lunchtime, loud music in the genre that the kids were playing popped out of the mu-so QB at a very loud level … there was absolutely nobody in the house, and I’m pretty confident that nobody was connected to the WiFi as well … I pulled the plug as soon as possible …

Is this some sort of security bug in Spotify?

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature! Once you have added a device as a Spotify endpoint, the system remembers it. So if your son’s friends turned on Spotify and forgot they had selected your device, when nothing came out of theirs’ they naturally would turn the volume up and then should work out what was going on.

The two fixes for you are a) asking them to delete your device from their Spotify accounts or b) doing a factory reset of your Qb which will mean it’s identity so far as Spotify is concerned will be different after the reset, so your son’s chums won’t be able to connect to it until the next visit.




Thanks David for the swift reply!

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