Can I control Atom with Surface Pro?

Currently using my iphone.

I guess I answered my own question.

Anyone have any issues with Android emulator approach?

Would be interested to hear how you get on with this.

Like @paulbysea, I’d also be interested to hear of your experiences with an emulator.

If I don’t have phone or iPad with me in my office, I sometimes use Linn Kazoo, which works on the iMac sitting on the desk next to my Atom, to control it. To get this to work, I needed to install Bubble upnp server on my NAS and use it to create an openhome renderer for the Atom (I’d previously done this for my MusoQB). This works, with one quirk. Rather than play upnp (as it does on the Muso) it uses Chromecast, casting from the BubbleUPnP server. Not sure why or if this behaviour can be changed, but it’s not a major issue.


I currently do not have a surface pro. Part of my hesitation is this issue… If I end up purchasing one of these I will certainly post my experience.

I use iPhone and iPad. Consensus seems to be that operation with these is more fluent than other control devices such as android.


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