Can I cut power cables to reduce disorder?

Hi all,

my system is made of 6 Naim electronics, 2 of them power supplies.
all power cables are close to power distributor, within 1 meter, but all cables are 1.5 to 2 meters. so around power distributor there is a little mess.
If I cut the cables do you think there will be sonic impact?
For sure order will increase and there will be less spirals and cables touching each others, distance from speakers cables will increase, so I will have pretty good cable dressing.
can I do that? anybody did it?
I was thinking to use some simple shuko plugs where cables could be crimped and not welded

Im not convinced either way about affecting sound quality.
Just bear in mind the effect it will have if you ever decide to upgrade and try to sell your current leads.

If you have Naim power cables they are designed to be that exact length and if you reduce them you will impact sound quality. How much… your ears etc

You could look at Sean Jacobs power black cables in 1m lengths. Very fair price and good performers.

thanks currently I am not using naim power cables, except a power line that I use on the nap 250 dr

Ok well don’t cut the powerline as Naim specifically designed it that way. The other cables its probably worth reaching out to the manufacturer.

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I doubt the OP’s arms are that long. Could maybe try contacting them :wink:


Surely he meant reaching out with the longer cables?


The simple answer is yes, cables can be cut to fit the distance between components & no it will not affect SQ.
I make all my cables & have a length to fit between components.
I select cables & plugs for best quality & specifications. (see my profile)
The IC cable I selected has a very low capacitance and with their very short length have an extremely low C & this if anything will improve SQ.

However if you have specific brands of cables & I see you have Chord Indigo & Airtech power cables, these have a value that will be affected in a resale if they are non-standard. With that in mind, its your choice.


thanks Mike for your frank reply, airtech alfa are good cables and are not welded,
I could risk one of them to fit 2 electronics and see if there is an impact.
Honestly I found that power cables and plugs can bring steady increase of the system performance

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I would sell the cables you have rather than cut them up, as once cut i doubt anyone will want them if you decide to sell them.
Much better to just make your own up as its very easy to do or just buy some with shorter cable lenght.
I made my own up and they work extremely well, nice ends, and a much better quality cable than you will find in a lot of brands, plus it costs a fraction of the price

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Seems very convenient that the ideal length turned out to be exactly 2m … not 1.7m or 2.23m :wink:
I have a hard time believing that the length of a power cable makes a difference, interconnects yes, but power? If anything a shorter cable seems less likely to pick up interference.
The thing that makes the Powerline is the IEC, I think that’s the general consensus here, rather than the cable itself, or its length.
Would be interesting to try it … but perhaps not with a Powerline first :crazy_face:


There are many manufacturers of power cords that doesn’t make anything under 1.5m due to performance degradation or shall I say less optimisation effect. I once compared audioquest z3 1m vs 2m and found 2m to sound better.

Also, a power cable is not the last meter of cable. It is part of a loop of cable where the gear is in the middle of it. In theory I guess the longer power cord have greater influence of what it does than a short one.

Still don’t get it really, are you sure there’s not other motivations like charging more for longer cables? :slightly_smiling_face:

Since you’ve tried it and heard a positive difference I think it’s something I’ll probably try … not that I don’t believe you, just that I like to hear things for myself where possible, this is an easy one to do at least!

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thanks all for your replies, I’m not interested in benefit from lenght reduction itself, but from the reduction of overlaps, spirals, cables touching each other that lenght reduction will bring

neither naim power cables neither mine (airtech alfa) are isolated, I was told so.
some think isolation reduces dynamics

I once had AV Options make me up some shorter Tibias as the outlet was directly behind the gear. And then we moved and now I have too short of cables. I wouldn’t go short again.

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Too long always better than too short.

If I was the OP, I’d buy several metres of Furutech mains flex off the drum, add their quality plugs at both ends and basically use DIY audiophile cables rather than butcher a COTS product.

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I make my own and keep the OEM ones in the box. :+1:t2:

how long do you make them?

1 meter.
I don’t like not knowing the terminology in bundle leads with sealed plugs so I make my own knowing that both ends are clamped wire terminals instead of pin point screw type that splits the conductors.
Works out about £10 each and some patience. :+1:t2:

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