Can I get Alexa to talk to my Uniti Nova?

Hello and merry Christmas to all!

Although there are a lot of posts on Alexa, I can’t manage to connect her with my Uniti Nova.
Could someone please post a detailed instruction?

I have the Uniti set to connect by Bluetooth, but the Alexa App doesn’t recognize the device – neither as a device nor as a loudspeaker (on the Amazon App it’s recognized as an Airplay loudspeaker). Is that the problem? Airplay versus Bluetooth???

I would love to set up my multiroom Uniti and 2 Musos as a group on the Alexa App, but if they’re not recognized I can’t succeed :o/

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Alexa is a female name… so yes, her!

Hopefully not, Alexa is privacy nightmare

@HungryHalibut is good at that kind of question. He will probably give you the answer.

Ah but I have it on good authority that Alexa identifies as they/their

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This isn’t going to end well for the OP

and Merry Christmas everyone!

For those who care about these things, I believe it’s possible to say Alexa, change your voice, which makes the wake word Ziggy and gives a male sounding voice.

I find the whole voice control thing irritating. My neighbour uses Alexa for Spotify. She says Alexa, play …… and it starts, but is too loud. She then says Alexa, play quietly and it becomes virtually inaudible. There’s no way I’d control my Naim with the silly thing. The app seems perfectly fine to me.


Google tells me there are a number of singers called Alexa, so as a consolation the OP could choose to play them… They might actually be female, too!

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For the sake of completeness and, nothing else to do on Boxing Day, I asked Alexa as to how it identifies itself.

To which the reply was, “I’m sorry, I’m not sure”.

Conclusive evidence to what , I don’t know.



One of my daughters was named Alexa at birth a long time before Bezos and his crew appropriated her name for his own purposes.

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Not that it solves the OP’s problem, but I can (but almost never do) give oral commands to Google to play music on my Nova. (But not off or on.)

I assume that is because the Nova has Chromecast built in. I have never seen any indication that Naim is Alexa-ready.

Thank you for this aspect and for taking the OP for serious…
(finally, after the discussion rocketed off to, well, an issue of great importance, but please, not in this thread!).

Maybe someone should open a discussion about Alexa in a seperate post – there seems to be a need to exchange thoughts…

@HungryHalibut: All you have to do is say: “Volume 1, 2, 3…10”, and the volume is perfectly set. A call for creativity!

@DiggyGun: You just admitted that you have an Alexa…! :crazy_face:

And if you have an Alexa capable device you can……

Otherwise I can’t think of a good reason to let JeffB listen in on every word you say within earAlexashot……


We actually have five


Do you have to say Alexa 1, Alexa 2 etc? Or are they out of hearing range of each other, monitoring (and potentially transmitting) conversations all over your home?

They’re all in different rooms, so not a problem.


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