Can I use bluetooth speakers with a Uniti Atom Headphone Edition?

been bantering between the uniti atom regular and headphone edition. Will be listening primarily with headphones, and a previous post did a good jib of explaining the sonic benefits of the headphone edition. But would still like to listen to some (non-critical, background, grandkids, etc) music through speakers, and don’t want to buy powered wired speakers. Wondering if the uniti atom headphone edition will hook up to a portable bluetooth speaker?

I think it’s Bluetooth input. Not output. So Bluetooth can connect to Atom. But Atom can’t output to headphones/ speakers by Bluetooth.

Should imagine you could get some kind of Bluetooth projector that would output via headphones socket or the Pre-out at the rear ?

If you’re desperate, a BT transmitter (which will likely have RCA L/R or a 3.5mm Mini Jack audio input) will get audio out of the Atom and to a BT speaker.
It’ll work but won’t perform particularly well, if you can (and the experience will be far superior) get a pair of active speakers and connect via the XLR Preamp Outputs on the Atom.

Another option is a WiiM Mini, which can both input and output BT.

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You don’t need to use Bluetooth to connect to a little speaker, most will have a 3.5mm jack socket input. You’ll need a double phono/rca to Jack plug interconnect.

And then something like this;

Thanks, that is what i suspected.

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Thanks, i will look into this possibility

Thanks, I’ll look into this possibility

Thanks, I’ll look into this