Can i use naim app without wifi?

just bought a naim mu-so 2. i thought i could use the app on my android phone and connect it via bluetooth to the mu-so so that i could use ‘room compensation’ but all it does is talk about wifi. i dont have wifi.
then i thought i would be able to play music off a usb-stick and use ‘shuffle’ but from what i can see this function is also only available via the app which in turn is only working if you got wifi.

same with playlists.

do i need to buy a new computer with wifi to get this to work? i allready spent $1000 on the mu-so.

No, you just need a router with WiFi. Do you not have internet at all?

How did you download the App or upload this question?


Just go into your apps store (Apple or Google) download and setup and off you go. It was so easy I could do it.

Cellular data? Just like I did to upload this response. No wifi or wired Internet connection required.

Can you use your phone as a mobile hotspot and connect your Mu-So to that.


I don’t think that would allow the Naim app to control the muso.

The muso is designed to be used connected to the internet. It does work fine without, but you wouldn’t be able to use internet radio or streamed services, nor get firmware updates without it connected to the internet.

If the issue is just about controlling the muso then the simple approach is to set up a small WiFi network with a router and connect the phone and the muso to that. This does work (I have done this myself when in a holiday let without broadband). But it’s a bit of a fag to have to turn your phone’s WiFi off to allow your phone to use mobile data at home and then put it on again every time you want to use the Naim app. But if you do this then your PC and the muso can be connected using Ethernet which is a lot less hassle than WiFi.

Was wondering about this approach too. Worth a try I guess.

i got wired internet connection.

Get a cheap wifi access point and plug it into a spare port on your router.
Im assuming your existing router has no wifi capability? Must be an old unit.

You must have an old router if it’s got no WiFi, or it’s turned off.
Have you tried searching for it. The WiFi name is usually on the back of the router and password

i got a wired internet connection - ethernet.
i connected the ethernet cable to the mu-so but it doesnt seem to recognize it on the unit or in the app. it still only goes on about wifi.

The Naim app needs your phone to be on WiFi. It won’t work otherwise and you can’t set the muso up without the app.

When using a muso wired, as you seem to be, it connects via ethernet to the router. Your phone needs to be able to communicate via wifi with your router; that’s how it sees the muso and can tell it what to do. The phone doesn’t communicate with the muso directly.

Unless your router is incredibly old it will have wifi capabilities, which you need to ensure are turned on.

Is there an Ethernet adaptor for the port on your Android?

Would that work?

Can you tell us what router you have? Unless it is ancient it will most likely have wifi capability that you should enable. If it really doesn’t have wifi capability then speak to your ISP to see if they can provide a wifi router. If not, a simple wifi router will cost something in the region of $50 or so.

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If you have internet but no wifi, you are a man apart! It is very hard NOT to have wifi these days. As has been pointed out, the solution is simple: Call your ISP and ask for an up to date router and wifi box. Also, call other ISPs in your area and ask about service costs and the associated features, or simply buy a router and/or modem yourself. None of this will set you back much at all.

Incidentally, I have found that it is good to at least threaten to replace my ISP (the same goes for the phone company) from time to time, as magically when I do this, the cost goes down significantly, and the features, speed etc. gets better :blush:

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