Can I use Tidal and see lyrics on TV?

One great feature of Tidal is the lyrics. Clueless why Spotify does not have this. But regardless, I am wondering if it is somehow possible to display lyrics on TV while streaming?

Spotify does have lyrics … and I probably shouldn’t mention this on here, but I have been known to use the Spotify TV app to stream through my system :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually you could screen mirror the phone to the TV

Works quite nicely, can use the remote to play/pause/skip, might do this more often!

I’ve always wondered what the benefit of thousands of pounds of audio was if you can’t hear the lyrics to the extent you need to read them somewhere.

It’s called posh karaoke :wink:

You obviously don’t listen to Van Morrison then.


Hahahaha so if one is interested in written lyrics you shouldn’t have good gear? What’s your poiunt exactly? Note we are not all native english speakers. And some lead singers are quite hard to follow. Some genres are outright unintelligeble (Metal).

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So are you playing on your TV with digital audio to the Naim streamer here? How does quality compare to direct from Naim?

or R.E.M.

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Roadied for turn on their 1st UK tour and there’s only Murmur with claims to a lack of intelligibility and deliberately so.

Hi, no it’s playing from the iPad app as normal and I’m just mirroring the iPad screen to the TV (same with a phone screen but a tablet has a better aspect ratio for the TV).

I don’t use it very often at all but there is a native Spotify app for the TV which you can control with the TV remote, use voice searching etc. Quality is obviously not as good using optical out from the TV to the streamer but ok for casual background music.