Can i use unity 1 as a pre-amp with another brand amp

hello, i currently have the unity 1 and i wanted to get a seperate power amplifier a krell.
Is it possible to make the unity a dedicated preamp and connect it with the power amp as my speakers can take 200watt per ch. if so then i can proceed buying the amp.

currently i have used rega brio and a29 arcam as pre-amps. they sound good. will this sound better?

Yes you can, I have the Uniti atom HE and it had no problem connecting it to amplified speakers or a Denon on the external pre in.

Simply use the pre out connections on the Uniti atom and it will work for sure.

@Thelivingflesh is talking about a Uniti 1 and not an Atom or Atom HE, but the Uniti 1 also has a preamp out, so your answer is correct anyway :wink:

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The pre out is a Din connection on your Uniti, you may need a custom cable for a normal amp with pre in.

But I am not familiar with your model, I Am sure another user could give a more conclusive response.

Yes, you would use the pre-amp DIN output plug, which may require a DIN to RCA lead depending on the power amp you are connecting too. The Uniti also has a line out RCA socket, which you can output to either a pre-amp or an integrated amp. I’ve used the line-out to both a SN2 and a headphone amp from a Uniti2, it’s a very adaptable unit.

A non-Naim power amp should work fine from the Uniti pre out. Krell amps may gave the option of balanced or unbalanced inputs, in which case you should use the unbalanced RCA inputs. Ideally you would use a cable terminated with a 4 pin DIN plug at the Naim end, but if you happen to have a suitable RCA to RCA cable it would be fine using the Uniti sub out which is just an RCA pre out.

Krell amps are not cheap, and I can’t help thinking that you may be better off putting some of your budget towards a better source and preamp rather than just using the Uniti.

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