Can naim app control other brands, or can Naim streamers be controlled by other apps?

Hi. I currently use a uniti core into an nDAC as the source for the rest of my Naim separates. I would like to add speakers to my kitchen, which is sort of contiguous with my living room where the hifi setup is placed. What I’d like to achieve is to be able to have the kitchen speakers playing in sync with the main hifi unit, but also be controllable separately so I could play a different source in the kitchen than what is playing in the living room. I think I can achieve this easily by staying entirely in the Naim ecosystem and using a Muso for the kitchen; however, the Muso isn’t the ideal system for our kitchen; I’d rather use a set of active network stereo speakers (e.g. Kef LS50 wireless) or possibly a pair of passive speakers connected to a networked all in one streamer/preamp/amp. I know a Uniti Atom could be used for this purpose, but I’m curious if there’s any way I can go outside of the Naim world and achieve these goals. I can think of two ways this would work:

  1. Continue using the Naim app to control the uniti core, but have the Naim app also stream to another brand’s active speakers or streamer. But I don’t think the Naim app can control devices that are not Naim products, correct?
  2. Alternatively, I could use a different brand’s app to control the kitchen speaker system and the main system’s Uniti Core. For example, iTunes using Airplay 2. But I’m not sure this will work, and I’m also not sure whether it will maintain the fidelity of the source material. Currently, the Core is on the network with the files it plays predominantly CDs ripped to WAV files stored on a NAS. Is there a way to use iTunes to control the Core via Airplay 2 but continue using the files on the NAS?

I guess the simplest way to ask this is: is there a way to do synced multiroom audio using my current Uniti Core for the source for my main hifi setup but a different brand of equipment as the source for my other system in the kitchen?

Thanks everybody.

Multiroom systems tend to be proprietary, and only work with streamers of the same brand, although Roon, Apple Airplay or Chromecast can give multiroom functionality across brands. The trouble is, your main system doesn’t have a streamer, so this isn’t going to work in sync even with an Atom or Muso elsewhere.

Sorry; should have mentioned this in the original post. An upgrade to the main system source is anticipated, so the Uniti Core will be replaced with a streamer, probably an NDX2. If I do this, could I do everything I’m looking to do with Roon or Airplay 2 (assuming whatever I put in the kitchen is compatible with Roon/Airplay 2)? Also, I’m totally new to Roon- does the app allow volume control of devices or do I still have to control the volume separately?

Gold standard is still to run Line/Tape Out from your main preamp to e.g. Atom or Qute in kitchen. This sounds better than any network sync does — you would be able to compare/decide for youself, as “party mode” would also be available.

I have 552/NDX-FM outputting analog to a Qute2 in my office. It is the best sounding source at the Qute, including its own internal streaming and FM radio.


If you’re going to put a Naim streamer in your main system, your second system can run multiroom, i. e. in sync, if you use either another Naim streamer, or Roon, or AirPlay.
If you use a non-Naim streamer, it can still play music from the Core over your network, but it won’t be in sync with the other system.
Roon can control volume on players that have a digital volume control built in, such as a Uniti, but not an NDX which uses the volume control on your preamp.

To answer your precise question in the title, I am certain the Naim app will not control non-Naim nodes.

There are third party apps that can give you effective control UPNP sources on your network, but they do not give you comprehensive control of your Naim system, especially source switching functions.

I cannot see why anybody who is willing to pay the premium for Naim would settle for less than a completely integrated Naim system. You get more benefits from your initial investment by staying inside the ecosystem with attached systems, where it makes sense.

I would say/do the same thing with any of the excellent competing brands.


Thanks Chris- one last question: If I have the remote out jack on the NDX2 connected to the RC5 input on my 252, can I control the volume of the 252 through the NDX2 via the Roon app (or Naim app, for that matter…)

Naim app will do Volume control on the 252 if you make the RC5 connection, and activate the feature in the app. Some people evidently prefer to hide it, while retaining source-switching at the NAC. The bottom row Rec-Out cannot be changed by the Naim app, which will not be a problem if most or all of your sources go through the ND.


Thanks Nick. I assume (but you know what happens when you assume…) that Roon can control volume on the 252 via the RC5 connection as well?

No idea about Roon. Wonderful as the benefits sound, introducing it seems to add complexity I would not think justified. I could change my mind.

I am responsible for providing whole-house sound my whole family is happy to use — they are not as keen or nerdy as you and I.

Every household has its unique balancing considerations.



Roon cannot control volume on your analogue preamp. With ‘system automation’ enabled and the cable connected, you can use the Naim app and the streamer remote to control volume, as well as the preamp remote.

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