Can Naim still repair Cd player?

Can Naim still repair CD player? One channel of my CDS3 has gone. There is nothing need to be done with the laser mechanism.

Possibly… It depends…

Try a search on here. You will find lots of threads about repairs to various Naim CD Players, inc. the CDS3 - and more… :smiley:

@NeilS may be able to say more.

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Sounds like the DAC or outputstage, talk to your dealer is the best advice.

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Should be repairable by Naim. I’m sure @NeilS can confirm or otherwise. Talk to your dealer.

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You know me. I think it’s DAC or outputstage as well

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Could be a sticky relay that switches between DIN and RCA.
If you are using the DIN output, try the RCA output instead (with a suitable RCA-DIN cable).

Tapping the relays with the eraser side of a pencil sometimes can unjam it.

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I tried both DIN and RCA output, and both has the same issue

Maybe the DAC has failed…?

One for @NeilS

Could be a few different things, but the DAC is the most likely.
As long as there are no transport mechanism issues, we will be able to fix it.



1704k is fragile, hopefully there is nothing worse…

Give Class A a ring in Sheffield, they repair Naim

@Darran at Class A, does not do work on Naim digital units.

He doesn’t touch CD players anymore

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Both my DAC’s in my CDS3 had to be replaced last year, so i’m sure Naim still repair their cd players.

Glad to hear.

By the way how old is your CDS3?

@NeilS has I think mentioned that stocks of DAC’s are now low… :expressionless:

IIRC, much worse were the Philips TDA1541As - a fair number eventually went noisy or failed completely. The Burr Browns were far more reliable.

I first had the CDS1 and upgraded to the CDS3 when it first came out, around 2005.

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I think the 1704 stock is fine. But need to be confirmed