Can Someone walk me through the steps of doing Qobuz with Apple Car Play?

I find Qobuz references to using with Apple CarPlay very unclear. Is there anyone who uses Apple Carplsy with Qobuz who can walk me through the setup/configuration ? Thanks.

If you have your phone connected to CarPlay then you just play the music through the Qobuz App, either streaming on-line, or using files that you have downloaded into the app when on a wi-fi network.

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@Mike_S Does a Qobuz icon appear on your CarPlay screen ?

Yep, at least it does on mine.

I don’t recall, it was a hire car on holiday, I just played songs via the phone app, not the CarPlay screen. I can do the same with my Toyota and the splash display shows on the phone and the artwork displays on the car screen.

Not meaning to state the obvious, but have you tried swiping from the CarPlay Homescreen – new Apps are often installed on the ‘page 2’ as such….You can reorganise the displayed order via your iPhone settings…

You can also confirm that the Qobuz App is selected to be used in your CarPlay for each particular car you have linked to your phone’s CarPlay……
If you go to your phone’s: Settings–General–CarPlay–My Cars (select your car if there’s multiple in list)–Customise ….You can then see the list of Apps for CarPlay…Install and delete the ones you want, as well as reorder how they display……As per below for my JCW:


I need to pull the car round to the front drive in a bit as it’s bath time, will take a couple of pics of the screen if you like….

OK, clean car now…

Here’s a few pics of the Qobuz CarPlay App on screen…
Somewhat of a basic UI, but I guess it’s sufficient for in car…



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