Can speaker cables be of different lengths

We are rearranging the living room. And that would mean that one speaker is close to,the Star but the other at the other side of a fireplace so would need about 6m of cable.
Would it be ok to have one 6m and the other 3m .

Although the purists will advocate otherwise.


It will be fine…

Naim’s recommendation is for equal lengths of speaker cable.

1.2 Loudspeaker Cables

Loudspeaker cables are vitally important. They should each be at least 3.5 metres long and of equal length. The recommended maximum is normally 20 metres although longer cables may be viable with some Naim amplifiers.

Some Naim amplifiers are designed only to work with Naim loudspeaker cable and using alternatives may degrade the performance or even damage the amplifier. Other Naim amplifiers can be used with any high quality loudspeaker cable although we recommend that Naim loudspeaker cable is used. Naim loudspeaker cable is directional and should be oriented so that the printed arrow points towards the speakers. The Naim loudspeaker connectors supplied are designed to comply with European safety legislation and must be used.

Contact your local retailer or distributor for further advice on loudspeaker cables and connectors.


Why wouldn’t you…? If you don’t, you will wonder forever… :expressionless:

YMMV, as… Interwwbzzzzz… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Unequal length = different loads seen by each side of your amplification.


Depends on amplification/cables, Tellurium for instance advise nothing wrong with different lengths.

The unequal lengths you propose will not be a problem at all. However, your subconscious mind may disagree and if you have any degree of OCD, unequal lengths will be anathema.

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Given that it’s a Star then I suspect no issue. Older equipment needs equal lengths.

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I think I’ll stick to equal lengths min 3.5m as advised by Naim.

Whilst decorating I had the speakers about 4m apart and listening point 2m back .Did not sound good, no soundstage!


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