Can system automation work with Old classic steamer to a NAC332?

I now control my SN3 through the app of the ND5 by having it connected by a 3.5mm jack-jack connection.
Can an old classic streamer still control input / volume of the new classic NAC 332?

@GeoffC should know.

Sorry, I don’t use a streamer with my NAC 332

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Maybe @james_n or HH ? I would be surprised if it’s not possible.

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Yes, the New Classic gear uses either optical or electrical connections for system automation, the electrical cable being backwards compatible with Classic boxes.


Hmm, never used that with my ND5, wonder if it’d send standby codes to the 332?

@Hifi_Naim_CNNL Can confirm that the ND5XS2 automation works with the 332, volume and input switching works fine.

Standby instructions don’t appear to be sent unfortunately, understandable I guess. Maybe Naim will provide a firmware update for the Classic streamers. Would be nice.

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