Can’t change Artist name on US

That sounds logical, David, but I’ve never tried it. In such situations I’ve always edited with the DTC.

I phoned my Naim Audio retailer yesterday to see if I could update to 1.7c, which might accelerate the ripping process by avoiding the AMG search. Unfortunately, however, he knew nothing about it.

If you phone Naim support they will put a CD of 1.7c in the post for you. They do know all about it!



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Thanks, David. That’s a Monday morning job. (If I remember!)

Yes best to go straight to Naim. I had no doubt that if I phoned my dealer they would know absolutely nothing about it and would need to phone Naim to ask so, with this, best to cut out the middle man!

As has been mentioned above, if the song is in a queue or playing, or even in a “transcode queue”, such as happens on the Naim HDX, which makes mp3 copies of albums after being ripped, you won’t be able to edit the names.
+1 for the 1.7c update - a big improvement to the ripping process :slight_smile:

I’ve had this a few times when editing a double album.
I found typing in "CD2 - then the artists name. This registered instead of the random find. Then going back and deleting “CD2”. (Using the app on the iPad, not the DTC)

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