Can’t connect as registered user, Core/Mac

I am experiencing some problems in trying to transfer downloaded music files from my mac to my Uniti Core.

This has always been a simple process using the ‘Finder’ window on my macbook to locate my music files as well as the Core. I then simply drag and drop to the downloads folder of the Core. Unfortunately I can no longer do this as when I try to drag the files I see that the Core shows I’m signed in as a ‘guest’ and have to enter my username and password for the Core. As far as I’m aware I don’t have and never needed a password for the Core.

Can anyone help with this issue?

You don’t need a username or password so you leave those blank and select “connect” or whatever it is in the dialogue box.



Thanks davidhendon, but I am unable to leave either box blank, as when I do this I only have the option to connect as a guest and unable to copy across files. It’s very unusual and not something I’ve encountered before. I also have dropped an email to Naim support.
Here’s a pic showing what I am presented with…

I take it you’ve rebooted both the Core and the Mac?

Are they both using DHCP?

It looks like you’ve lost the Unix network credentials for this connection.

Hi Xanthe. Yes I’ve rebooted everything and have also just finished a call to Apple support just to discount any problems from the MacBook. They have suggested contacting Naim. Should say that last week I replaced my Apple WiFi (AirPort Extreme/various expresses) with Tp link deco mesh network so suspect this has caused some glitch in the matrix!

Interesting. Do let us know what you discover please!



Any news? Interested as I have the same problem. I’ve had both the Unitiserve and the Core connected at the same time to the network but my Mac can only access the Unitiserve, not the Core.

Hi TNC (and @davidhendon). Happy to provide an update.

I have contacted both Apple and Naim tech supports over this one and both have been very helpful, whilst at the same time each suggesting the problem perhaps lay with the other. Apple even suggested a re-install of the operating system on my mac just to ensure everything was ok from that point of view (which I did). I have also tried everything from reboots the Core and my home wifi as well as trying out my sons apple mac but the problem still remained.

Some good news… Got an email from Naim tech support yesterday saying that they have just identified that on a small number of Uniticores, running the Apple Catalina operating system, the Core’s folders are visible but not accessible. Apparently now that this has been identified, it will be corrected in the next Core update.

All a bit frustrating as I am aware these updates can take some time. I would strongly suggest you contact Naim support yourself (I have been speaking with the very helpful Duncan), as a little more pressure from customers may hopefully result in a quicker update.



Hi Paul

Thanks for all of that. I am learning how to use a new MacBook Pro with the very latest Catalina (10.5.5 supplemental) on it and my Core is running beta firmware which I’m not allowed to discuss, but I guess Naim won’t mind me saying that I looked an hour or so back and I could connect to the downloads folder of my Core as a guest from the Mac and do stuff in the folder with no problem.



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Thanks David. Good to know, but I have about 10 recent albums downloaded and ready to move to my Core. Hope I don’t have to wait too long for any updates.

Do you know of any other way to get these files into the downloads folder? I think any attached storage will only play and cannot be downloaded other that via the Mac/Finder route.

Yes there is another easy way. You put them on a USB stick, plug it into the USB port on the Core and then use the import function in manage music (in the settings bit of the Core in the app). The Core puts anything it isn’t certain are rips made by a Naim server into the downloads folder. So that’s where they will go!

You should have them in a folder per album etc as usual.

Another way is having plugged in the USB stick, define it as a music share. That way the Core will index the music and present it in the app. This is probably a good thing to try first because you can easily sort out any metadata issues before importing the files into your internal disc. You just leave the USB stick plugged in for the time being obviously!



Great, thanks David. Will give that a go.

Thanks Paul.
My Mac is still on High Sierra. It’s supposed to work but not on my Core

Sorry to hear that TNC. Do contact Naim support as suggested.

Thank you for this thread. It is convenient as I am just considering transferring music files from my MacBook Pro to my Naim Uniti Core. They are both hard wired to the same router. To date I have used the USB on the Core to do this but would like to explore the alternative option. As a relative novice, please describe in detail the “simple process of using the ‘Finder’ window on my macbook to locate my music files as well as the Core, and then simply drag and drop to the downloads folder of the Core”.

When I do this on a Mac (with a Unitiserve, but it’s the same process) I open two small Finder windows side by side. Navigate to the music files on one, and to the Core Downloads folder on the other window. It’s then much easier to drag folders across to exactly the right place.

Hi nbloomer. Just as described by CrisSU above, except you should see Uniticore instead of unitiserve. Let us know if everything works out ok.

Any further news or updates on this ? I am experiencing this same issue (unable to copy files from Mac to Core).

The just released Core firmware update should have sorted this out for you? Have you done that update yet? It was released a couple of days ago.


I did the update today and it seems to have resolved my connection problems. Yay! :+1: