Can’t find qnap

Hi all,
It’s a long time since I have posted here as things have been running smoothly for a good while now.
I went to play some music stored on my qnap nas but the app won’t find the server.I have done the usual by shutting down everything and rebooting but still no joy.I have tried 3 devices and I get the same result.
Could this be the dreaded malware I have in my qnap if so is it fixable by a complete noob.I admit I have no skills in the area but if steered in the right direction could possibly have a go.

Matty…some more information about your setup would help? What server app are you running on Qnap and how is everything connected? I assume you are using the Naim app?

Yes,using the Naim app.qnap running minimserver,connected to a switch and router and NDX.No issues with radio and the app is working ok apart from it can’t see the server.
When pressing music on the app it tries to connect but the circle just keeps turning and it can’t find it.
No issues for a good few year apart from the odd occasion I have had to reboot the router or turn off streamer.
Everything on the Hifi network was shut down and restarted but the app still can’t find the qnap.
Unfortunately I have very limited knowledge when it comes to network related or nas issues.

Can you access the qnap via other means, laptop etc?

Can the NDX see the QNAP, for example if you use the remote to play something?

Thanks for the replies.
I haven’t tried both the options yet.It was quite late last night when I discovered it wasn’t working.I will try that tonight and see if I can see anything a miss.

NDX can’t see the qnap if trying to play from remote.It also says when trying to enable Spotify.

Error,can’t connect Spotify server

Does the NDX see anything on the internet, for example iradio?

Also did you try restarting the router? You would need to restart the NDX again after restarting the router.

Hi David,
Thanks for you help it’s much appreciated.
Yes I radio works perfect.
Shut everything down left for half an hour,rebooted but still nothing.
Bluetooth ok on Ndx as I can play Alexa echo show through hifi.
I’m going to get laptop out now and take a look on there.
I’m sure I could find my qnap on a smart TV upstairs but I can’t find it anywhere on there.
Thanks again

Does sound like the QNAP server has disappeared off your network…double check cables from QNAP and if ok try to ping the QNAP from your laptop. If ok you need to check with Minimserver is still actually running on QNAP

As Jack says…

Thanks again for the help.I give that a go.

There is one more thing you may like to try. You can download and install QFinder Pro and see if that can find your QNAP. It’s quite a useful little utility. If it does find your QNAP I’m sure people here will be able to assist you in getting it talking again. :grinning:


I managed to find the qnap on the laptop.
I’m busy updating the firmware.I also got a message to say my version of
Minimserver is out of date and I need to install version 2.
I will try and figure out how to do that and let you know.

If you’ve been using Minim 0.8 up until now, you’ll see than when you upgrade to version 2 that some previously free features are now paid options, like transcoding for example. Given that I was faced with paying for Minim if I wanted to continue using it I figured it was the perfect time to look at Asset as well. I’m glad I did because for my music collection Asset is just so much better and only requires a one-time payment unlike the Minim annual subscription model.

check the SMART status of the drives in the qnap whilst you are in there.

I managed to update firmware then went to update minimserver but it didn’t have a update option in the App Store.A bit more research on google and i soon found out I had to install manually.This was quite challenging for me but a few hours later and a headache I have managed to sort it out.I can now access my music again.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.
Thanks to all that helped,it’s much appreciated.:+1:


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