Can’t find the music

For some strange reasons, I can’t play or even see, the music on my Melco any more. It’s there, all songs and I can scroll through them, if I use the Melco controls.

But when operating through the Naim app, looking at the Melco it’s nothing there. Basically I can’t find any music. Starts to be a bit irritating.

I did “update“ the Melco, to Raid something, a while ago but do think it worked after that.

So, any suggestions?


So the Naim App can “see” the Melco but when you tap on “Melco” nothing happens; or nothing displays?

Have you rebooted the Melco?

It happened to me yesterday but on the " nas wd my cloud". solution? After many attempts to restart I deleted the Naim App and reinstalled. Now everything is ok. This seems like a problem of the Naim App therefore.

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