Can’t use Qobuz via chromecast in Naim Uniti Atom

Hi all
Can’t use chromecast built in for streaming Qobuz . But it works just with SoundCloud
I think that happened after update . Any suggestions for solving that ? I want to avoid airplay because I think lose Qobuz hi res quality

All good for me. Lounge is my Atom.

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This has been discussed previously.

Do you have a wired internet connection (Ethernet) or are you using wi-fi?

I find that in my situation (naim nova, iOS/Mac) chromecast only works via wi-Fi.
Naim answered me saying chrome cast only works via wi-Fi.
Meanwhile Other users seem to be able to chromecast via Ethernet as well

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It was a problem with firewall router after updating firmware
I change settings in router
And voila

Thanks !!

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