Can the Naim app or Qobuz app control the volume?

I am streaming using the ND5XS2 connected to a SN3. Can I use the Naim app or Qobuz app on my iPhone to control streaming volume? I would rather not set up system automation since it involves a cable as I understand it. Can the native Naim or Qobuz apps control the volume ?

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Yes and no :flushed:. Yes if you use system automation, no if you don’t.

Why not hook up a cheap cable between the boxes and get going with system automation? I could not do without it.


Here is what’s required.

What’s the issue with using a cable for system automation? The wire costs about £2 and setting up process takes about two minutes.

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Supernait to NDX2 needs a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable.
Both 3.5mm stereo (much more choice) and (harder to find) 3.5mm mono will work just as well.
Cable quality (cost) has no effect, just look for something thats not too long and fits your setup.

That’s all you need for system automation. £2 including postage off the bay

@HungryHalibut it’s not about the cable cost. That is trivial. My disabilities preclude me doing it myself. It would, in my case, require a home visit from the dealer’s staff, for which there would be a charge. I could wait until the system needs more attention which might not be for a while, since it’s brand new.

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Do you not have a friend or relative who could connect the little cable for you? It’s very simple. It’s a simple 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable, and it goes between these two sockets:

@HungryHalibut Will it adversely impact sound quality?

No. By the way, if you are replying to a post you don’t need to use the @ thing.

Just a quick question. Do you have to power off the system before connecting the 3.5mm cable?

You don’t need to power off to connect the 3.5mm cable.

I thought when I home demoed the NDX 2 that you could select fixed or variable analogue out. I may be wrong, but if so a shame you can’t do the same on the the ND5 XS2.

If available and concern relates to reduced SQ probably no harm giving it a whirl just for comparison as there may not be much in it assuming the volume is scaled digitally. Naim previously indicated that the lack of fixed volume on the Uniti series does not affect SQ as all done digitally with regard to the maximum volume setting with a default of 95 which affects both the analogue out and the speaker out maximum.

Sorry to bother again, but do I need a different cable to connect the nd5xs2 to a nac282?

No bother, its raining & the garden can wait.
System Automation connection with ND5 & NAC282 needs a 3.5mm to RCA cable that connects to the 282 ‘RC5 In’ terminal.

OK thanks Mike, I had a 3.5mm cable lying arround, but not this one.

You can do the same on the ND5XS2 too, but it’s suboptimal. With system automation you don’t lose quality, so it’s got to be the way to go.

Potentially worth a try as an interim measure I suppose though I’d also not be keen if there was a significant SQ impact, though it might not be as bad as we’d assume in a given setup.

I’ve never used system automation but it would seem the best option.

I always use system automation and there is no drop in sound quality. For both the SN3 and NAC332, you can see the volume control moving when you adjust the volume via the slider on the app.