Can the Nova drive both the speaker output and analog pre-amp output?

Wondering if the analog output could be connected to active speakers via analog pre-amp in addition to the main speakers ?

In the same room? Would you have independent volume control?

Given that you can add a power amp and use both it and the Nova’s amp in biamp configuration, there is no reason why not. Remember that the analogue output is post volume control, so you’d have two preamps in the signal path.

If they’re active speakers they probably have input sensitivity controls. How long a cable run would there be to the actives? There could be some problems if it was very long

Different room and the speakers have volume controls.

The run would be under 30 foot.

That’s a long run for an unbalanced connection. Also you cannot disable one output when listening to the other so not entirely practical unless you always want to play in both rooms.

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